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"Guantanamo Bay: Washington does not recognize the Koran and not accustomed to swear on the Bible

June 1 2005

The scandal surrounding U.S. military bases grew like a snowball. The last straw was a message stating that "Guantanamo Bay", where the most conservative estimate, contained up to 500 prisoners, the military not only tortured prisoners. America encroach upon the most sacred even in its understanding - religion and scripture.

A red rag to Washington served as a provocative report Amnesty International. It contains new troubles for the U.S. administration's testimony, and pretty tough statement condemning not only the behavior of U.S. troops. The report once again returned to the world community to question the rights of prisoners and questioned the activities of the key ministries of the United States. So, with the famous raid a "holy struggle", it notes that the violation of human rights is the inevitable result of "hypocrisy" that accompanies war, led by Washington.

In this regard, Amnesty International urged the Bush administration to bring the internal organization of its military bases in accordance with international law and standards, or otherwise close them.

Currently, 500 detainees "at Guantánamo Bay" in the U.S. are considered as "enemy combatants". In this case, any additional comments really unnecessary: America is actively working on establishing a peaceful life at least in Afghanistan and Iraq, where for some reason did not run out of opponents of the new democracy.

The scandal has a long background - he was a year. His "hero" Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who commanded the combined forces in Iraq. Standing before the Senate Committee on the Army, he denied all allegations of ill-treatment of detainees and abuses against them.

But on May 9 Newsweek published his famous article on the interrogation of prisoners and a mockery of the Quran. After which the Muslim world, a wave of mass protests . In Afghanistan, security forces to suppress unrest had to use weapons . This spurred many of the resistance the rebels and played into the hands of terrorist groups of Islamic fundamentalists. Newsweek had to apologize for the inconvenience and the psychological trauma of Washington, as well as to correct their "mistake."

Reached the peak of the scandal, when the FBI released documents, which provide taped interviews with detainees at the U.S. base "Guantanamo Bay" , including the incident with the sacred Islamic texts - the Koran. Bureau of Investigation, "split" only after the claim of human rights defenders in U.S. federal court with a demand to provide documents with reference to the Freedom of Information Act.

In this case, key U.S. departments and officials, of course, could not remain indifferent - it was necessary to build a line of defense. All as if on cue washed hands.

According to Scott McClellan (McClellan), the White House, Defense Department could not find anything that confirmed persistent and unpleasant allegations. "We know that members of al-Qaeda trained to mislead and to provide false information" - he said.

azdrazhennaya Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in turn, also dismissed the appeals (including the President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf) to conduct an independent investigation and described the new report Amnesty International not only as "absurd." Employees of the military base in Cuba to respect the religion of prisoners, said Secretary of State.

Finally, Dick Cheney, George Bush's right-hand man, was the last on the list who report human rights organization, struck a chord. "Guess Amnesty International, the U.S. somehow violate human rights. ... Personally, I do not take it seriously," - he said this week. On the contrary, the Vice-President of the United States, U.S. forces liberated millions of people around the world from violence and tyranny, which has failed so far to no nation.

But last week the prison at the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay said that during the ongoing investigation revealed 5 cases of ill-treatment of U.S. personnel in the Quran.

Thus, both the Pentagon official, and chief executives of the Bush administration, despite extensive evidence that prisoners themselves, deny U.S. forces the excess power on the basis of "Guantanamo Bay".

Currently, U.S. efforts are focused on something to appease the public, especially the Muslim world, promising necessarily understand all the "misunderstandings".

In this case, the White House maintains a strong belief - responsibility for the speculation and rumors can always try to pass on to Bin Laden. Or, according to the last practice for the FBI or CIA. When the White House seriously, you can always remember the home office .

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