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5 Steps to achieve orgasm - July 31, 2008

July 31 2008

Statistics offered by sexologists, it looks pretty sad: about thirty percent of women have never experienced discharge at sexual intercourse with a man, and reached the top fifteen percent of bliss is extremely irregular. Unfortunately for the fairer sex, the problem is - pure women, men, nature has made a truly royal gift - have not able to discharge only one of two thousand men.

Women do not want to put up with this situation and, using the latest achievements of medicine and psychology, beginning a furious race for a full orgasm (of course it is a magical word comes from the Greek word "authority", meaning "cramp"). Even the ancient doctors tried to treat anorgasmia. Moreover, the doctors then believed that this woman's illness is the cause of other, far more dangerous for the organism diseases: cholera, plague, measles, etc.

Nowadays, doctors from different countries are paying close attention to the issue of female orgasm. Excellent results achieved Helene Kaplan, a therapist from the USA. It has developed a method that contains the elements of training, psychoanalysis, suggestion and therapeutic support. In the clinic of Dr. Kaplan were treated thousands of women, and the success rate has reached incredible numbers. Out of a hundred go to the clinic patients ninety - six or seven sessions - began to experience persistent orgasm.

"Today's development of medicine - says Helen - can help women reach the top consistently bliss." By the way, happy patient of Dr. Kaplan subsequently substantially improve their material and social status. Eighty percent of the single ladies have arranged their personal lives and found a constant companion. So Helen says: "A woman captures his emotions on a regular partner, get used to it. The resulting intimacy, harmony, mutual understanding, promote the arrival of the female orgasm." Here are the things that men need to know to help partner the way to the coveted top of bliss:

1. Each woman comes to a peak of pleasure your way. For some it - clitoral stimulation, for others - vaginal, for the third - caress the most sensitive erogenous zones, for the fourth - a complex of the foregoing. Should not be neglected and the mechanical means to achieve the goal light. A wide range of vibrators, artificial sexual organs, various sex toys makes it easier to bring a lady to the top.

2. Gentle and considerate partner must be a loyal ally and supporter of women in achieving detente. There is no detail: important and the environment in which a couple engaged in amorous games, and lighting, and background music, and good physical partners (they are fresh and ready for the marathon race to orgasm), and a sense of mutual trust, tenderness, and warmth.

3. Partner should be clearly understood that the plant woman more likely, and foreplay to use all his skills to best prepare a partner to the act of intimacy, and during it, in consultation with the partner, use a pleasant to her area of stimulation.

4. We need to clearly understand that all orgasms are different. They can be compared with the effect of alcohol on the body. One lady slowly relishing a drink, stretch it, while others prefer to drink in one gulp valiantly. Orgasm can be like a bright flash in the night with tears, convulsions, screaming, moaning, and may resemble a long iridescent glow. Approximately ten percent of women orgazmiruyuschih able to experience multiple orgasms (they are called "cartoons" or "Toon"). This type of women are especially longing for a real man.. How nice if the account is in the love fight will be like in the match Argentina - Jamaica: five - nil in favor of women.

5. Often puritanical upbringing, decency, natural stiffness play the role of guards, not admitting a woman to win the top. The problem of men - to neutralize these stupid security. Here, all means are good: alcohol (but in moderation), music (the exciting and sexy), word (leading up to the euphoria), odors (eg, cologne, "animal passion" or Indian sticks, exuding pungent aroma when burning). We must remember that the sexual act - not a set of certain mechanical actions and movements of bodies, and some reference point in your relationship starts a new band of mutual respect, trust and love.

This man sees the female orgasm as a wonderful award and should know that the achievement of sweet discharge significantly affects the mental and physical health of the beautiful half.

Orgazmiruyuschie women smile more often, less hysterical, less likely to use hypnotics and sedatives. They are more versatile, self-reliant, witty, moving quickly through the ranks and were less likely to change partners and sexual treachery.

Studies have shown that their chances of getting married at thirty percent higher than women who did not reach the peak of bliss. Dear men! Help women to be happy!

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