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Group sex, or third is not superfluous

May 31 2006

Consultant - sexologist, MD, Yuri PROKOPENKO
Bees, fish and dogs are doing it solely for the purpose of reproduction. Only humans and dolphins, brazenly standing out from the animal world, are able to have sex solely for pleasure. A recent addition head and share all sorts of delights to procreation has nothing to do with. For example, the notorious triolizm - "love all three."

Happiness is a woman - "he wants"?

It is believed that about a threesome dream every man. After a strong half in much more susceptible to the temptations of polygamy than the best half. Whether men are at a lower level of development, or Mother Nature, so it was empty, so sophisticated manner takes care of the offspring. Because people - being inclined to burden themselves with moral constraints, then monogamy in our society still prevails. But from time to time, wagging its tail, pops up in some homo sapiens the animal and requires sweetly whining, animal sex. Yes, even desirable decorated with all sorts of perversions - not for nothing that we are all of a reasonable. "In all we would like to get to the bottom" ... Before the threesome, for example.

Say your favorite - not so? When you authoritatively declares that "triolizm - fu, how disgusting," obediently nodded, looking as though he was about to vomit in disgust, but seeing another woman, softly whispered, rolling his eyes: "Sgin-damn, evil power"?

It is possible that he was not faking it. And possibly others: your quiet man vows a fierce hatred for the threesome, afraid to offend you the truth. It is not excluded that during mutual fondling, dreamily zazhmurivayas, he had dreams about how, while you kiss him, "here", your girlfriend gently strokes his "out there" and a little bites "in another place." And he sweetly moaning and hugs just two heated female body, and its yours ... However, perhaps you something just as this imaginary company (and even in the bold plans for the future) and no. He's clearly remembers that the presence of the third you think filth.

And who knows what he is blinking?

If he states without equivocation that it would be good as a "do it" three in no hurry to flop down in a faint cry from a wounded partridge - at least, he's all clear. Men, unlike us, being straight, and if they say they want something, it means that the way it is. This is our sister every now and says: "Let's go on Saturday to your mother!", Meaning: "But to my mother, please do not drag me!"

But as a rule, confess their sinful thoughts, he hesitates, that makes him enjoy the hints of varying degrees of fat content. And if at all shy in hiding their own sexual dreams, forcing you to guess about them by his behavior.
Visual perception. He loves to watch you fondle themselves, preferring to make love in bright light, as in the operating room, and during the most interesting never closes his eyes, looking admiringly your charms? This fascination with the visual element of sex increases the likelihood that your beloved is asleep and sees that the bed you are no longer two, but three. Say what you like, and this, among other things, yet beautiful ...

Sexual past.

It's not even that tried whether he would ever love a la trois (although, if tried and liked it, then it is possible that you want more).Certain measure can serve not only quality but also quantity: before I met you, darling, in his cozy little bed have called a myriad of different-sized partners, its craving for novelty speaks for itself.

Former complexes. Hiding the avaricious man's tears, he whispered to confess to you that in his youth girls scoffed at him, and none of his poor fellow did not want to? Maybe he hurt so far. So sad that all the time, it seems - some he is somewhere gleaning. His desire to catch up is quite capable to take the form of hobbies triolizmom.
Factor of satisfaction. For half an hour you rocked an apartment cat screams, tried fifty acrobatic poses and visiting the closet, under the bed and almost on the chandelier. During this time you experienced five delicious orgasms, and he - so far, not one. This means that the factor to meet your loved one is quite high, simply put, for the "main pleasure," he needs a long effort, a bright feeling. Threesome is fine ...

And we're buns frolic

But here, let's say, he will finally prevail upon (or you have it - and it happens). Already a third found - random internet friend or faithful Institutskaya girlfriend. Children sent to his grandmother, a bed prudently laid out sheets of black silk, and the three of you sitting at your desk, sipping red wine and pretend that not a bit embarrassed. Do not despair if, prior to "svalnogo sin" in this time will not come at all - it's not an anniversary concert with a mandatory program, you are your own bosses: if you want - talking to you like - kissing. Slogans such as "Five-Year Plan in three years, a child of seven months' long relegated to the past, so no hurry.

And as soon as silk sheets to the case is already reached, turning back the event as a kind of late, and the meat of the chops do not recover, and your head and crawling the pious thoughts ("What am I doing here ?!"), try yet relax and have fun. Stop what is happening at this stage - is like a train to climb: on something he would not go, but you better not be. We find that all three of them, like those cowboys from a joke, "for free salt ate: crossed a certain line of decency, and the fun never received. As an example, in the following cases.
A beautiful and courageous journey passed. Everything seemed to go like clockwork: you and she excitedly indulges it, he goes crazy with happiness to see ourselves just two asses and four breasts. And suddenly, jumped as if stung, with a scream, "Bitch you're beautiful!" You hold on to her disheveled hair, and, beside himself, trashed her head back in bed. Very fun and terribly sexy! No doubt, this evening you will remember for a lifetime, so now whether such memories?

So it is better to consider in advance: if you watch a surplus of ownership and a lack of confidence to his beloved, if you do not leave the thoughts of "What if she will like him more?" - A threesome you're not ready yet. Limit the time being co-movies and daring fantasies aloud - two or three, decide for yourself. Not so simply - just without a proper psychological preparation to put to bed the third, but such scenes should not be allowed. Partly because of them many men, sharing a certain kind of experience, advise each other: "Threesomes? Alone without a wife!"
"I'm not guilty, he has come!"
One of the main reasons why it is so rare variants "MMZH" - male jealousy. Men by nature - rivals. Fight each other for possession of a woman, to seek to possess her alone - it's in their /> So, if so you will definitely wanted the third-it is useful to avoid ugly situations (dark sullen husband watches as you caress of another man, his face twitching like a paralytic, and the form such that he is about to proshipit through clenched teeth third-excess: "Well let's go get out!"), you have to spend with her lover a number of preparatory talks on a slippery topic, codenamed "Honey, I love only you." Convinced him that the third only for your general erotic fantasy, for a change your love life (to use the pronoun "I" is forbidden - only "we" and "you"!). The number, duration and intensity of conversations count in accordance with jealousy favorite. Men are in fact different: some are ready for the thrill you to share with each counter-cross, while others manage to be jealous even dildos.

Zoe Tyutyunik

Why do you want the third?

Commented Elena Fiľakovo, Ph.D., family therapist
Piquant appeal for a threesome is the fear of love. Love threatens to get into an emotional relationship to partner, to obey him, trust and open up. Therefore, in the triad (usually a man and two women) struggling to separate sex from love, "emasculate" him, to deprive of tenderness, warmth and care.

Threesome - it's a way to hide his fear of sincere feelings and serious relationship. Often people who aspire to it, had bad experiences in childhood: someone whom they loved, had caused them harm, inflicted serious emotional trauma may have been sexually abused. Now they are looking for specific ways to address: the pleasure to receive, and did not show his vulnerability. In this case, depriving themselves of the natural relationship filled with love and trust, they can not surrender to sexual desire for real. Prevents them from fear and distrust of the partners.

Although there may be situations where a privileged sexuality couple in search of new experiences and sensations, by mutual consent of the host in the company of the third, usually a woman, at least - man, that one day realize their wild sexual fantasies. Typically, these experiments are not repeated.

Few details

East - business thin

"The Feast of the meeting of three inhabitants of heaven" - so poetically called triolizm Chinese. The tradition comes from the ancient emperors, who entertained with his wife and his beloved concubine. From the standpoint of the Tao of love, the alignment of forces in triolizme obtained as follows. Female - Yin, water, rest. Male - Yang, fire, force. Two women, merging like two rivers provide a broader flow, which can be compared to fire. Two men, as two fires, cancel each other, easily succumbing to the water. Thus, F + F + M is regarded as a harmonious union, but the M + M + F - as disharmonious.

And I love the two

Statistics says that the constant is no more than 2% of the groups triolistov. "Permanent" means "to have met at least 3 times." All the rest are met not at all thinking about the sublime. They themselves say so: came together out of boredom, was curious, did not find a common language, the same sex, but not life ... But those same 2% - who are they? Ironically, this loving each other people. For them, the question of love is closely connected with the concepts of sex, and he, in turn, stands in first place among other priorities.


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