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Cute cats or temperamental tigress: all that you did not know about women - October 30, 2008

October 30 2008

All of us, men and women who have some misconceptions about each other. Here are 14 male myths about women who are long overdue to dispel!

Of the prostitutes make excellent wives

Hooker at best - a nymphomaniac and a good (albeit correct) my wife can not be. By definition, or, more commonly, in prostitutes woman falls in search of "easy" for profit or simply money. In addition, inevitably perceiving men as an object of the sphere of production, prostitutes see men in a variety of manifestations are not the most masculine traits priglyadnyh entity.

Such close contact, usually causes severe psychological trauma, or generates a complex in relation to men. And, both are almost always not compatible with normal family life.

If you grow up with his wife mladye years to raise her "under him", it will be thine forever

No way! Yes, in the mind of a teenage girl her first beloved man occupies almost the whole world - he and center of wisdom, and the very strength and masculinity, etc. But, you won, she wants to know yourself and completeness of their power (or spell) over others.

Her next step - sample forces on the other men. And you only yesterday and loved, will inevitably become just a part of a huge world, comprising, in addition, due to awakening of libido, multiplied by the girl's self-interest, from a huge number of different men. Knowing all your weaknesses and shortcomings, and the comments showed a minute of mental troubles, she can easily slide and forget the first, but, alas, not the least love.

Good wives are obtained from girls who grew up in dysfunctional families

It is believed that if "bestow benefits" such a girl, will feed it and making it possible to exist in normal conditions, at least it will be thanks to the perfect wife. Unfortunately, it is not.

A girl from a dysfunctional family, not satisfied with a child's emotional needs in the warmth, attention, affection, a girl, about which little care, becoming a woman, fills an unmet need for attention to strengthening the care of a man, often with a difficult life, becoming his wife at the same time, the nurse, mother. She does not believe that we deserve to be happy, is inclined to "overwhelming" and "sizzling" love, which is usually, like all powerful displays of affection and attachment on the part of women men frightens and repels. Normal, "fresh" life will not give her happiness, it requires "exceptional" circumstances for the manifestation of the "exceptional" sense.

If a woman until I met you "walk up", then it settled down, become quiet and faithful companion

A woman will behave with you in exactly the same as with previous partners. Deviations from the usual scenario is only possible during the initial infatuation, for some it may be an illusion, it is "correct." But it only seems. Once the euphoria and the freshness of the impressions of the new relationship evaporates, all returns "on their own circles.

There are no frigid women

There. Despotism mother, libertine stepfather and several other negative factors that have taken place during puberty, can form a girl's persistent inferiority complex and even cause frigidity. Misleading and that a woman can "wake up" only attentive, gentle and patient man.. Negativity of the first sexual experience consists in the consciousness of a persistent stereotype, and in this case, an orgasm is achieved is often only when a woman rudely seized. Situation demands it, reproducing violence.

A man should look like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Is not for everyone and not always! Many women simply discourages brutality. Ancient truth is true even today - women love with their ears, but because like those who have well-hung tongue. There are, of course, a number of factors. But the mountain of muscles - are not important and not mandatory.

Bright, screaming appearance and defiant behavior in women - the basis of sexual

Rather, it attributes certain psychological complexes and bad education. Sexy woman looks - often "gray mouse, true sexuality can be identified only by subtle nuances of behavior, it is not thrown directly into his eyes.

Penis size for women is not important

Although in terms of physiological for a woman it does not matter what size it is, they prefer that the man was with a big cock. It is for them - a pleasant surprise, the joy of owning something extraordinary, a kind of fetishism. In addition, men with big dick usually in sexual intercourse, self-confident, and that women valued.

In women, leading a chaste life, narrow vagina (and vice versa).

The size of the vagina in all women about the same - it must pass during birth child. Varies only in the tone generators of the vaginal wall muscles, but it depends on lifestyle (sedentary or mobile) and whether a woman is engaged in exercises the pelvic floor muscles. Only elementary laziness and khalyavnykh "attitude to sex does not allow the vagina women do not take the form of penis partner.

Anal and oral sex does not give women pleasure

Delivers, and how, at least the vast majority of women who are actively living the sexual life. Sometimes they just hide it because of the natural modesty, characteristics of education or just to keep a man hooked on it so seductive process.

Good sex can prevent a woman, even if it is not satisfied with the quality of the other partner

Sex for women - not the point. Even without experiencing orgasm, she can be happy. Able to be content with what has managed to make the beloved sweet, bring him joy. Generally, all women perceive sex "through the head, ears, feelings and emotions.

If she knows my weaknesses, then leave me

If both leave, then the best, low price of such a companion, but if you truly appreciates and loves, it will help you overcome or at least mitigate difficulties.

Any woman can always instinctively pick up all your desires and needs

A common misconception, leading to a number of quarrels and misunderstandings, which might well have been avoided. Even the most intimate and loving man can not understand in what condition you are, what you need and generally can perceive what is happening very differently. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, it is necessary to talk about it.

Modern women do not want to marry

Want.And if not married - just not found or not yet acquired a fact for anyone he wants.


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