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Nonsense do a variety of sex. 8 daffy ideas

June 30 2007

Tortured sex routine? Want to come back in 16 years when you have both my knees were shaking and sweating palms at the thought of "this"? Try to help you with this.

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Sex-guessing. Go to the fortuneteller, soothsayer. To get started find out whether you can pre-order prediction. Let your magician for a small fee will predict to you and your girlfriend very long and hot nights, crazy sex, the rampant sex. Do not hesitate to specify the details.

How does this work?
Even if your fiancee is the biggest skeptic and a cynic in the world - at heart she would not object to the predictions have come true. And immediately.

Instant striptease. Find the area with an instant photo machine quieter and warmer, for example, in the empty department store or supermarket. Feel free to climb into the cabin with his girlfriend, draws the curtain and - arranged in front of the camera eye of a small erotic show. Then quietly retire, taking photos.

How does this work?
Small Exhibit lives in each, you only need to be able sometimes to release it to frolic. These images will become your favorite.

Stilissimo. From the trendy shops you just feel sick? Try to forget about it, well at least for one night. Arrange a fun fitting together. Only it should not be business suits and underwear, leather mini and stockings or a romantic gowns with feathers and lace evening gowns ...

How does this work?
The main thing is not to lose control - and so can saleswoman protested. Although they too will be fun.

My peach. Buy her lingerie. No need to purchase a chic dressing gown - just a set of cowards "for a week." Pick up from your bed lexicon funniest or tender (depending on your mood) nicknames. Then you have the office, which makes labels for gifts. In general, all her brand new panties decorate tags "Sweet Peach", "pussy" and other such nonsense.

How does this work?
Your passion every morning when enough without looking at the shelf linen, will run across a neat inscription. And remember last night.

Sweet Life. Take the chocolate, melt in a saucepan (see, in order not baked onto, and then your beloved risks to smell like burnt cake). Find a pair of brushes. Now take your coat off. Imagine Michelangelo - and draw on it (and it accordingly for you) all that comes to mind. Now you can enjoy each other.

How does this work?
Chocolate is one more mischief, it is known to everyone, and brush over the body - is, oh, how nice. Go for it!

The world in pink glasses. The event will require some material costs, and creativity. Need as quickly as possible to make your bedroom / bath / kitchen pink. Buy the pink sheets, pink bow tie, buy pink pink napkins and disposable plates. Buy a pink champagne, cook shrimp / squid, find a pink candy, pink grapes and pour a bath with pink foam. Then invite the object of desire to go for a cup of coffee.

How does this work?
Pink like almost everything. She is crazy about champagne (after the third glass of really crazy), caramel, and shrimp (as she chews it all together?).Are you crazy about her pink skin and pink sponges, soft pink of caramel.

Tattoos. Make a tattoo (you can temporarily) on the most-the most intimate places. Not necessarily directly "out there" - on the inside of the thigh or the left side of her ass, too, will look good a little ink image.

How does this work?
Do not think that tattoos have become just a fashion - they're still not surrendered the position.

Curve track. Tie a friend's eyes and tell me what is preparing a surprise. Then he put her in the car for a long time circling the city. Stay at her favorite restaurant, which already booked a romantic dinner for two. Remove the bandage only when she sits down at the table. You can go directly home - for one night bachelor lair should be similar to the five-star luxury.

How does this work?
Uncertainty is intriguing, attractive and exciting.

Tatiana Trushkova


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