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First date: instructions for those who are to sex

March 28 2005

Already do not believe - you have the courage and invited her for a date. She agreed, but you still fear: how to behave? what to talk about? It's your first date with her, but very much that there were others. Do not panic, everything is passed through.

Firstly, who said that you must be a perfect companion? She agreed personally to you, and not to some abstract Superman . So, you have it with something are interested. Therefore, relax.

And here it is, dating. You're trying hard, and you are very curious to know what you're in this moment to appear in her eyes. How is it held a meeting - not in your senses, but objectively. Well, there are several signs that are worth attention. If the meeting goes smoothly, then:

she always looks you in the eye,

As your hands often,

a lot of laughs and truly over your jokes.

If you have not "glued", then:

Your conversations always come to a standstill and are not renewed without the efforts of you or with her hand,

it is hard you do not understand - an impression that you speak different languages,

She is constantly running to the toilet:'m not hiding from you if there?

If questions, an answer is "yes" or "no", she always replies that she is like - most likely, it is now just boring. However, do not rush to write themselves into useless sides. "No" answers may be also an indication that it is till you are embarrassed or afraid to express views different from yours. And do not forget: the offer to meet you answered "yes." And it suggests more than its indifferent responses.

But here's appointment came to an end. Would you like to kiss her goodbye? Said this openly. If you like you, the proposal will be greeted positively.

And if the answer is "no"? Well, in any case, you did the right thing by offering a kiss on the track. And anyway, her "no" does not mean that the meeting "failure" and you rejected. Did not agree today - could accept the next time. Maybe it's just very modest.

If you are still tormented question has been successful is your appointment, it is worth it to someone to discuss. What is your relationship with your parents? If you trust, talk to them. Or with an older brother, a comrade - a word with someone who is more experienced than you and many times passed through the thorns first date, how are you today.

And pay attention: a date is over, and you're alive and well. Maybe it was not worth so afraid of?


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