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Virginity - the pros and cons

June 22 2006

Virginity - a female defect that can be easily eliminated manhood.

Folk wisdom

Virginity in the modern world - or lack of dignity? On this account, there are diametrically opposing views, both in men and women. More recently (in Soviet times) a civil marriage was considered dissolved lot of people, and it was referred to as "cohabitation", pronouncing the word with a share of scorn, indignation and condemnation.

Now, a growing number of young couples believe that nothing improper in it, on the contrary, it is an effective way to experience their feelings, to face the typical family problems, "try" to assume the role of housewife or father of the family and, if not developed, just to break up. Agree, it is much easier than spending time and nerves on the tedious procedure of divorce, explaining all that, they say, "did not agree on the characters." But it's not about that. We return to the virgins, it was for him, for men - virgins who marry, we will not consider. So, who wants to get into his wife's "pure" girl, and who, by contrast, wants to have an experienced sexually wife?

Tibet follow this wisdom from time immemorial - there virgins to marry no one takes, it is assumed that to know one man - it still did not know at all. There is much truth to this. It is no secret that a virgin at the time of first intercourse did not experience orgasm, they are tense, excited, stiffness, having heard terrible stories about blood and pain, in the end, the first sexual intercourse did not disclose their full senses and the joy of sex.

Sexologists, based on data obtained by experiment, found that only one of thousands of virgin (!) In the first experience of sexual orgasm. Psychologists believe that the first time - the most important. Unsuccessful first contact leads to different complexes and problems until the panic of fear and loathing of sexual relations with men.

So, what do the Tibetan girl? By tradition, they must give up his innocence outsider.

History restore virginity a long history. Even in Russia there were midwives who restored the hymen with a needle, using as a "material" Pleven goats or sheep.

Cyprus, Paphos is the "magic" pool. According to legend, these places developed a whirlwind romance of Adonis and Aphrodite. After numerous love affairs goddess bathed and regains her virginity. Unfortunately, in the reserved bathing pond is prohibited.

The operation to restore virginity surgically (Hymenoplasty) is currently in high demand in the U.S.. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, vaginal surgery - a booming segment of plastic surgery: modern obstetrics for a tidy sum can make even the virgin mother of the heroine.

For the first time in medical practice operations to restore innocence occurred in 1962. Italian gynecologist Bernoulli "operated on" his own daughter. A year later, 35 000 European women were able to regain his honor in this way.

In Muslim countries, the bride is obliged to preserve her purity for her husband. By the way, according to statistics, among the clients Hymenoplasty in the first place are female students from prestigious universities in Asian countries when they return home and restore the lost innocence.

And here in Sweden the situation is quite different: the Ministry of Health stated that all cosmetic female genital mutilation illegal.The country has since 1982 prohibited from causing any injury to the genitals by women, and for plastic surgeons is not an exception. The law does not specify also the agreement of the woman on the procedure.

In Japan, every year, make 3 thousand operations to restore innocence. According to statistics, 80% of Japanese unwilling to bride was immaculate, even knowing that she had sexual relations. Groom insists on restoring virginity and pays the expensive disposable fun.

Experts advise to restore her virginity a week before the wedding. With the latest technology operation is very simple and does not involve hospitalization, all you need - a local anesthetic and a few hours of painstaking work of a surgeon.

When there is a desire and opportunity, no problem, but what about the issue of trust? Return to innocence, to make a gift to the beloved man, after several years of married life or restore her virginity in order to have an extra trump card in their hands and marry a rich and naive man, every girl solves itself. For many women, the return of virginity - a harmless operation, which is not worse than waxing.

"Restoration of the hymen - is an absolute fraud" - said president of the Society Gynaecologists Thomas Stoval, and in this issue agree with him, millions of men. Can you imagine what would happen with the unfortunate husband, when once he learns about the forgery? On the other hand, men, why you do not offend silicone breasts and lips, false eyelashes and hair Naroscheny?

On materials SuperStyle, Spiegel, «Women's Health."

Author: Ershov Julia

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