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"Bed" Etiquette in American

February 21 2011

16159.jpeg American psychologists have decided to find out what the most annoying partners during lovemaking, some bedding habits lead to a rupture of relations. Were conducted by sexologists led by Jim Kartmena University of Chicago. Answered questions voluntarily 5,000 men and women aged 21 years and 60 years.

Women complain that men are behaving selfishly, considering the important achievement of personal satisfaction. Having an orgasm, men turn their backs and sweet sleep. "Sex male egotism" said 64 percent of American women. 16 percent of women's annoying when your partner pulls his chest, depicting a young child. Women honestly confessed that smacking and squelch them annoying and generally they do not like in bed babies. Third place among the most idiotic sexual habits take to search the point G. As shown by statistics of American sexologists, 31 percent of men will not rest and will be up all night to torment his partner, trying to find that same "magic button" that can give a woman an orgasm unreal.

Searches are commendable, but, as noted by women, it's very tiring, and love foreplay, turning into a tedious experiment, annoying and brings anguish. 19 percent of Americans admitted that they come out of themselves when their partner during sex runs to the toilet or go take a shower.

29 percent of women said their men respond to phone calls during lovemaking. Men can not even relax in bed and continue to think about work, may recall that we had forgotten to call an important partner and to interrupt sexual intercourse for the sake of a phone call. According to women, it is inexcusable and highly offensive. 31 percent of men can simultaneously please the wife and watch TV. Women from a male habit is far from ecstatic.

16160.jpeg Sex Orientation meeting - again, either option for business people too who have a business plan is not spelled out the exact time for sex, or ... for egoists, who seek to enjoy themselves without worrying about the partner. 11 percent of women reported that men in bed in a hurry, as if late for a train.

The fact that men feel the passion, for many women is rude. 9 percent of American women have admitted that men behave in bed as gross animals.

Both men and women, noted that the noises from the German porn they are annoying, and some just laugh .... moaning, sobbing, moaning, sighing and, moreover, phrases like: "Yes! Yes! Feel! "And" Baby, I'm already in you "- not an indicator of the insatiable temperament. 22 percent of Americans said that groans, squeals and other "erotic" sounds in the bed they are unpleasant.

"Shoemaker" in bed, especially if it is feminine - fun for the amateur. 35 percent of men and women say that "dirty" words and vulgarity during sex, they are annoying.

14 percent of women said they do not like it when a man is sweating heavily during the act of love. Although more recently, American biologists in the next study claimed that the smell of male sweat helps women cope with stress. That is the conclusion, scientists have come as a result of a very unusual experience.

The men, who for months did not use deodorant, samples were taken axillary sweat.Then, smelling substance was applied to the upper lips of eighteen women of different ages - and interestingly, the mood of women has risen sharply. By the way, the women who participated in the experiment were not even aware that for the smell of them were experimenters, and believed that it helps in the testing of alcohol, perfume and cleaning products on the basis of a lemon. That's it.

16161.jpeg The number of male habits inexcusable marked in women, also got:

- Question: "How are you?", "Everything okay?", "You finished?" (20%)
- Kama Sutra and acrobatics in bed (27%)
- Men who do not remove socks (3%)
- Apologies for the speed of the process (9%)

Whatever the American sexologists discovered, with most marked habits and the Russians agree. In anecdotes such habits cause laughter, but in real life is different. Interestingly, and whether there are such men who do acrobatics in bed without taking off a sock, do it on schedule, while not forgetting to answer the phone, make sounds, reminiscent of German porn, asking silly questions, trying to stay within five minutes and with the finished look selfish.

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