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Strawberries superstar Sasha Grey: from porn in a great movie

October 19 2011

Strawberries superstar Sasha Grey: from porn in a great movie. 20003.jpeg The former American porn actress Sasha Grey is known for its creative contribution to the cinema, fashion and pop music. At age 23, superstar porn interrupted his career in this field, giving fans the news via Facebook . Sasha DJing at trendy clubs and starred in horror.

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- You - Superstar film, films which are looking for the most part closed the show. Feel free to do your fans?

- No, it was strange that I was staring around, but until I have a feeling that I have no business with the worried, I do not care. I live in Los Angeles, a city that is characterized by the entertainment industry. They also belongs to porn industry, which employs many people. Ultimately, it was my plan to become successful. I can not complain.

- Is it true that you have carefully planned your career in the porn industry, while still a teenager to start as soon as 18 years old?

- Months before his seven 18 years, I began to get acquainted with the details of this industry. I graduated from high school, went to college and worked as a waitress at Steakhouse (restaurant specializing in meat dishes - Ed.). There I felt the effect of its impact on men, as far received more tips than any of my colleagues. It was weird, I'm not proud of it, but said to himself.

Then I studied the interviews, which gave the performers in porn. On one of them I found via MySpace and asked her contacts: how many women earn for shooting a porno movie? How often they are invited to the role? What awaits them in the future? I take into account all the "For" and "Against", should I appear in porn. And when the "For" prevailed, I raised $ 7000 and traveled to Los Angeles to try her luck.

- What prompted the teen after school to go to the porn industry?

- I do not fit the stereotype: I have never had a problem with drugs, no family dramas, and I'm not that stupid. The idea of ​​the performer in adult films are often replete with stereotypes, and mistakes. Porno fascinated me since long years. It started when I was 16 years old and I lost my virginity. In this age of Internet access to porn has become hassle-free. Out of curiosity I looked up a few movies with friends and was impressed. I like a girl for a long time ashamed of their sexual feelings. The first sex change it.

- How?

- Like in my head lit the lamp, when it became clear to me that sex really pleases me. I asked myself, what I've been ashamed of. Soon I saw a lot of pornokartin. On the one hand, it ignited me, on the other hand, the films were as empty, and I wanted to make them entertaining.My plan was to close up the gap.

- How do you describe this gap?

It is hard to find words. Porn film has a definite value, they show that the consumer wants to watch. But I find that the transformation can be achieved by having a rich imagination. I even say that porn is a place for art.

- But if art fans want porn?

- Of course not, it is completely immaterial. Anyone who watches porn is always just wants to quickly achieve satisfaction, and it's clear to me. But public art can be imposed, because they already look at it. And I would like to contribute to this art. Also, I wanted to tell women that they should not be ashamed of their sexuality.

- Sorry, we did not understand, unfortunately, what is your pornoiskusstvo.

- It consists in the fact that I was in a porno movie is seen as a person, man and nature. I reach for it, for example, the fact that the camera always say that at this moment occurred to me. I to brake the fact that in the theatrical world is called the "fourth wall" - which means that I imagined the action gave the atmosphere of reality. I therefore annoying the audience, who have been accustomed to restraint moaning women.

The idea was that men, when they met and their computer is off, have yet to break a head over the fact that I actually showed them there.

- Execution of roles you different from your colleagues?

- Oh yes! Most women in porn let everyone silently mock him, and I always hated it. Role in the porn were clearly divided: the super-man bless the grateful silent women. My plan was to embarrass the actors men, there is little to talk about their masculinity during the filming.

- It does not create problems when you set?

- Many men were shocked. During the sex scenes, they are used to control the camera. I abandoned it and took the lead,. Many men have been hard to get used to it. Believe me, it was not easy, because I suddenly disrupted routine. Also, I was ready physically and verbally to the fact that most men fear to do. It's exciting.

- Must be you were a nightmare for many pornorezhisserov.

- I had them, but I was very popular, so they invited me. I know what is my name, and in extreme cases cram it. Movies - it always floats between the actors and directors, and I used them to win. Control - this is everything, especially in porn.

- It sounds pretty reasonable. Did you ever in porn does not frighten?

- Oh, I was fully aware of the risk. It was a strong risk. First of all, two things inspired me to fear: a shock to my family and, of course, the risk of contracting something dangerous. But I had a feeling that I can cope with that, and with others.

Is this the first time having sex on camera?

Everything went as well as possible, and I'm afraid. I participated in the orgy scene! It sounds shocking, but it is not.

- What do you call an orgy?

- An orgy where sex with each other is engaged in at least five people.

- How to mentally prepare for sex orgies?

- As I said, I saw much, much read and exercise. If you want to know the truth, I have lots of practice with dildos.My muscles are trained, rehearsed orgasms. So I also trained for anal sex. This is purely a muscular thing. This muscle must be in a form and then anal sex - is perfectly normal. The whole question of fitness!

- Have you ever been shocked by anything?

- No. Just felt disgusted. Has protected you from the examples.

- Were there with someone during your career, permanent relationship. As far as a burden in this case was your job?

- Just as you could imagine - very burdensome. But we coped, because my friend had nothing to do with the porn industry. Many porn stars arise between a novel, but it never leads to anything good. In addition, a pair consisting of pornoakterov and porn actress, incredibly jealous! Me and my boyfriend is always open to talking about everything, so we're still together.

- Can we say that porn - is a recognized part of the culture of entertainment?

- It would be wrong. However, it depends primarily on the fact that every day is an opportunity for the computer only with a few clicks to see what could only fantasize. But many people still feel threatened by porn. Between sexuality in cinema, or advertising and pornography is a fine line. Many adults are flirting with pornomotivami in art and in conversation, but they filled with horror when they actually see one of the porn.

On closer examination, our society is still terribly sexy clamped. Inspires great fear of the unknown. But on the other hand, is a constant fascination porn: eternal taboo!

Strawberries superstar Sasha Grey: from porn in a great movie. 20002.jpeg - Do not get a younger generation that sees a lot of porn on the internet, a bizarre picture of sexuality?

- Not only teenagers but adults as well! Many men and women think, what he saw there, they should be taken in precisely his own bed. Of course, this is nonsense. This rarely admit that there are quite a few people happy to have experienced all of those things that they see in porn. However, they do not dare to show it in its entirety.

- Why did you leave in the spring of the porn industry?

- I long ago lost any desire to. I still felt, for me it's just repetition. Recently, I received more offers to act in conventional films and television series, and I had completed its work.

- Have you lost an something, making porn the way of life?

- Absurd! For the most part I loved it, even partially sex, where I learned a lot. But above all, I lost confidence. I had a steady income, painted the work plans. Now just do not. And at 23, I again start all over again.

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Interview with Sasha Grey for the German edition of Spiegel-Online


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