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How much are the "five minutes of shame"?

August 19 2010

13175.jpeg Alas, there are times when sex becomes a bargaining chip. For him, women offer some benefits, services and privileges, and even blackmail, threatening to harm her. Many perfectly decent person, oddly enough, prefer to give advances. "Five minutes of shame, but ...", then - they reason. But do not be naive to hope that this episode will remain without consequences.

What are usually thought of women in this regard?

"It's not prostitution, because I'm doing this not for money!"

Chef Olga offered to sleep with him to get promoted. Thought, she agreed. The long-awaited increase Olga won, but officers whispering in corners that the post went through her bed ... In the end, Olga, have become almost in the eye called a prostitute, and she was forced to resign.

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Sex may be pay-per-unit on the good work, career moves, the exam, a bank loan ... In short, if in exchange for sex you suggest some way to improve your status or material wealth - let's face it: you buy!

"This will happen only once, and this no one will know!"

Tania got into a difficult situation and was forced to seek help from his friend Slava. Slava agreed to help, but only if she will love to him. Tanya was a guy, but she decided that if the "give" glory once, nobody will know.

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13196.jpeg However, shortly after jointly held overnight fame called her and demanded a new intimate meetings. When she tried to refuse, he threatened to tell her about their relationship a young person. Tanya had to agree. Glory and then insisted on dates. Soon it turned out that he blabbed about all his friends, and there rumors came up to Tanya's husband, who learned of this ugly history, he immediately had called a whore and threw Tatiana.

Lovely Ladies, remember that about your "fall" is well known, at least two - you and your sexual partner. If a man allows himself to turn sex into the subject of sale, there is no guarantee that things will not happen again and that he would remain silent as a fish.

"It's not treason, but only a business relationship!"

In graduate student Nadia went wrong with his thesis, and somehow her supervisor, a great lover of women, promised to arrange everything, if it goes to sex ... Nagy, without thinking twice, something has composed for her husband and her lover came to the dacha. She loved her husband, had never cheated on him and decided to treat the forthcoming as to the transaction.

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Scientific leader kept his word and helped graduate student. But relations with her husband since fallen out. No, he did not know, but Nadia is constantly tormented conscience. She was afraid that if lie with her husband in bed, her betrayal is open, and began to refuse marital sex under any pretext.Eventually, they filed for divorce.

Sad story ... But what do you do if you are persistently asked to "sell" yourself?

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13197.jpeg If you do not see in this situation, nothing dramatic, it is, of course, your own business. But if you incline to have sex in addition to your will, go on a leash still not worth it.

First of all - usvoyte that hopeless situation does not happen! If you offer sex in exchange for the device to work, you can refuse and find another job, perhaps, less prestigious and money, but where you keep your dignity. If you solicit your boss before you give him - think, and not have been better would have to resign? Why do you need these meetings did not bring joy, whispering colleagues?

If you fear that the abandonment of sex, followed by repression, rather than rush to yield to harassment, meditate, what alternative is there to come up with. For instance, if you incline toward sex teacher who takes your credit, try to pass a test the other teachers, or even complain about the sensualist in the dean's office, having secured the best yet someone's testimony.

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You can tell your potential seducer any information that will cause him to abandon his venture - for example, that you groom boxer that you are pregnant or that you are a virgin (many men are afraid of virgins). In the case of blackmail, the blackmailer can offer money - sometimes a tidy sum instead of sex are satisfied with such people. In a word, show ingenuity, and did not have to pay for his deed physical and mental discomfort.

Dariya Lyubimskaya

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