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Wonderful Doctor Sex

December 18 2009

Scientists, as we know, the people of versatile, they learn not only the properties of matter and the light of distant stars, but such "nearby" phenomenon as an intimate life. It would seem that the new can be learned about carnal relations between people? So no, the men of science, looking at their sensitive microscopes reveal new and unexpected side of sex.

Already it is no secret that among sex, love and well-being there is quite a strong bond, and the sex is good for health. Researchers argue that life expectancy for people who are married (or having a steady partner) - significantly higher than that of singles.

Czech experts recently found that an active sex life significantly reduces and in some cases and does antiodontalgic. During orgasm rising levels of the hormone oxytocin, which causes production of endorphins, the so-called "pleasure hormones". Endorphins, in turn, have a positive effect on physical and mental ailments.

Scientists have noted a direct relationship between the level of endorphins in the blood and a person's mood, the more hormones, the more happy feels people.

Regular sex also has a beneficial effect on the quality of dental enamel. The researchers argue that in seminal plasma contains zinc, calcium and other minerals that are proven to slow the decay.

Americans not so long ago figured out one more healing properties of sex. An active sex life helps to heal arthritis.

As recent research by Russian scientists, sexually active people are less likely to catch cold and suffer from flu. This is because their blood contains more red blood cells and works much better blood circulation system. With an active sex life also increases the level of immunoglobulin A by 30 percent.

Full sex life contributes to the extension of youth, according to beauticians. Lovemaking stimulate and rejuvenate the system of ductless glands. When carnal pleasures pituitary, adrenal and parathyroid glands, ovaries in women, prostate and testicles in men working with high intensity.

And for the male sex just is vital, say doctors. Irish Studies Queen's University have shown that the mortality rate among middle-aged men having regular sexual intercourse two times lower than their sexually inactive peers.

On the indirect and direct benefits of sex told the famous Forbes magazine. Turns sex:

Improves sense of smell. As a result of sexual activity the body produces more hormone prolactin, which, in turn, increases the activity of brain centers that are responsible for smell.

Reduces the risk of heart disease. The probability of heart disease is reduced at least three times, provided that the sexual contact occurring at least three times a week.

Promotes weight loss. Sex, like any physical activity, reduces weight. During intercourse burns about 200 calories, which is comparable to the 15-minute jog.

Strengthens muscles. In the process of sexual intercourse body produces more of the hormone testosterone, which leads to a strengthening of pelvic muscles, arms, neck, chest, that is, all of which preferably is involved during sex.

Reduces the level of depressionand by hormone endorphins.

Strengthens the muscles of the urinary system, improves the function of the prostate and even prevents prostate cancer.

Sexual Life of a beneficial effect on the brain, raising the intellectual abilities of man!

According to the hypothesis put forward by scientists, the stimulation of neural tissue due to increased output of adrenaline and cortisol, which is observed during sex. And with regular stimulation, this effect persists much longer.

So feel free to use sex for medical reasons and for the brain!

Bogdan Velichkin

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