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About sex with humor. Our prehistoric ancestors liked blondes

April 18 2011

About sex with humor. Our prehistoric ancestors liked blondes. 16402.gif Men from time immemorial have paid special attention to blondes. It turns out that during the evolution from residents of Northern Europe by the end of the Ice Age formed blond hair and blue eyes that helped them cope with rivals in the competition for men, say researchers from the University of St Andrews.

Blonde hair came from a shortage of food 11/10 thousand years ago. Before that people had dark brown hair and dark eyes.

Almost the only source of food allowed wandering herds of mammoths, reindeer, bison and horses. Their searches require long and arduous hunting expeditions, in which many men died, which led to an increase in the numerical imbalance between the surviving women and men.

Lighter hair, which appeared as a rarely occurring genetic mutation that became popular and the number of owners has increased dramatically. Another study revealed the secret feelings of beauty from our ancestors. American Professor Dale Ghasr by examining the rock carvings in the caves of Lascaux (France), came to the conclusion that they do not differ from the Art of teenagers, which can be found on any fence or wall.

Images of deer and mammoths of the French caves are known throughout the world. However, most of the figures in these caves represent roughly scratched on the stone of human genitalia.

"In every school of the world you can see the same picture with the same sexual overtones" - shared his opinion Ghasr. In his book "The Nature of Paleolithic Art," he argues that most of the ancient artists were guided by sexual instinct.

The professor examined the handprints that are frequently found on walls of caves. With the help of forensic techniques, he compared them with the hands of modern thousand people and found that most of the prints by adolescent boys.

It was also revealed that the ancient ancestors, and went to the dentist. It managed to archeologists from the United States and France, who carried out excavations at one of Pakistan's provinces. They found the remains of people who lived 7 - 5500 BC. In the teeth of some of them were found the perfect hole diameter 1 - 3 mm and a depth of about 3,5 mm. Researchers concluded that these holes were made during his lifetime with the first prototype of a drill that is more than 9000 years.

Drilling machine was a little bow and drill with a tip made of silicon. Using this tool, you can drill a hole right in the tooth in less than a minute. With regard to pain, experienced by the patient, their intensity can only guess ...

According to researchers, the first dentists were true virtuosos. Some ancient people drilled hard molars, and in one case, the hole was on the back molars.

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