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Flies know how to win a woman heart

February 18 2011

16147.jpeg How are the rituals of courtship in the animal world? Almost the same as in humans, proves exhibition at the British Museum of Natural History. Females of fireflies as a sign of readiness to mate begin to glow brighter. Males flies presented with edible chosen one we launched in some species of insects, even adopted the "package" them into silk threads.

Some believe that the form of homo sapiens is obsessed with sex. And even provide evidence: that the people are one of the few species whose representatives have sex for pleasure, not just on instincts. Contraception has made sex more relaxing than the process of reproduction. A new exhibition at the British Museum of Natural History clearly proves: the rituals of animals associated with courtship and mating is very similar to human habits - perhaps more than we would like ...

The exposition demonstrates the different mating rituals of the animal kingdom. Zoologists have always amuses as sexual animals is perceived by man through the prism of his own perceptions of carnal pleasures. Thus, the male half of the audience is always vzragivaet heard a story about what ends pairing bees - pchelomatka pulls in an accident fertilizer abdomen and genitals. Likewise, the ritual courtship of some species of flies is sincere smile - the male flies to your beloved with an offering in the form svezheubityh kozyavok, which they then eat together at an impromptu picnic.

Certain kinds of insects entangle your gift with silk threads, making a parallel with a surprise on Valentine's Day is even more explicit. However, in the animal world has its boors. Vending them they seize a lady's legs, mesh, and literally consume the eyes. Individual flies insolent, bringing the beloved gift, and obtaining her desired, immediately pick up a present and go back with him to conquer hearts of other strangers. There are also fly-liars. They present female roll of silk, within which there is nothing. While the deceived beauty knows what's what, Brun already gone.

16146.jpeg Males of dragonflies in the evolution process turned into a real terminators. Their genitals can be compared with the army knife because of their functionality. Noticing a suitable mate, the male retains its dignity and its scraped rival sperm. Hedgehogs, for example, comes in another way: their sperm serves as the original wax seal, making overtures competitors foredoomed.

It may seem strange that nature has chosen such a complicated method of reproduction: it would be much easier if we all were born asexual and multiply by division, producing the light of its clones. However, evolution chose the way of sexual reproduction - the union of two sets of DNA provides a much better and more interesting result.

Throughout the animal world, there are certain behaviors that are designed to make it clear: I'm the best, pick me! For example, female fireflies, demonstrating a willingness to mate, starting to shine more intensely. Sometimes, though, they are a beacon, if very hungry - rushed to the firefly signal can also go for lunch.

Compared with animals, humans are a bit easier. But there are obvious parallels. Thus, our intentions says, for example, frank, or conversely, too closed outfit.We are just as dutifully perform all the rituals of courtship and, eventually, we hope to attract the attention of the worthy representative of the opposite sex. While confectionery factory produces chocolate, and women were not ripped from their boyfriends bellies and genitals, we prefer to leave everything as is.

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