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The most unimaginable sexual records

June 14 2006

Most inventive lover. Yandi Emperor of the Sui Dynasty was known for his ingenuity on the part of sex and ability to please herself. Having made a great many feats, he withdrew from public affairs and devoted himself entirely to love joys. In his tireless sex scenes involved seven wives and seventy-two ladies of the court.

In addition, in his palace consisted of 3000 concubines, whom his servants had brought from various parts of the country. Versed in all respects the lord greatly appreciate innovations in lovemaking and inventors rewarded royally. When he traveled in his convoy was always ten chariots, each with a bed of red satin reclining nude beauties.

The oldest dildo

The sculptural composition of ancient Babylon can clearly see the artificial penis - dildo. Similar instruments were widely distributed in Ancient India, Ancient China and other countries.

In the Old Testament mentions homemade dildos, this one time causes a wave of indignation and outrage at those people who are familiar with the Scriptures only in the amount of Sunday Church School. In the Book of Ezekiel (Chapter 16, verse 17) was written: "And has thy fair jewels of my gold and of my silver, which I gave you, and made her male images and played the harlot with them."

The most radical method

Dissatisfaction with his manhood pushed our ancestors to a variety of inventions. Some of the techniques of improvement have been quite dangerous. For example, the Malays of Borneo, pierced penis copper wire and flatten its ends (only for pleasant stimulation vagina!).

For the same purpose, different people use bamboo, ivory, and silver studs with metal balls on the ends. Residents of the island of Sumatra make incisions on his penis and inserted into the wound a lot of stones, when the wounds heal, the penis becomes a bumpy, which they believe enhances the pleasure of women during sexual intercourse.

Premarital sex

The study sexologist Kinsey said that only 1% of women had more than twenty different premarital partners, while at the same percentage of men - more than a hundred pre-marital partners.

Psychologists say that women in this matter more exposed to moral prohibitions.

Lovers: heroes and heroines

Messalina. Her name long ago became a household name: the so-called women who do not know the steps in their sexual desire. Sixteen-year-Roman empress died when she was thirty. Account lovers, this woman did not know. After the birth of an heir to the throne, she betrayed unbridled debauchery. Few refused her indecent proposal is too great was her role on the peaks of power, hatred and jealousy as it were terrible. Numerous orgy interspersed with adventures on the dirty den. Thirst for love delights captured in its entirety. In medicine, over time, even the term "messalinizm" as a symbol of unbridled lust.

In the history of the number of loving women as great as that of men. Record, of course, belongs to Madame de Saint-Ange, who claimed that "women can dishonor e e lovers, and themselves acts of debauchery are quickly forgotten." Such behavior, I would recommend that all women who are willing to follow my example. During the twelve years that I was married, I belonged to, perhaps, ten or twelve thousand men, "- wrote de Saint-Ange.

p align = "justify"> The most sophisticated lovers of the West by the number of partners: Casanova   (His work is "Memoirs") and Frank Harris   ("My life and love").

French writer Guy de Maupassant wrote sexologists, suffered from satiriazisa   (Chronic overexcitation of the penis), which experts see as the male equivalent of nymphomania. Maupassant Frank Harris talked about what he is capable of 6.7 sex acts per hour. He once boasted the same before Flaubert   and to prove the veracity of his words, he went to a brothel with a witness and demonstrated their abilities. Maupassant claimed that after twenty sexual acts he is tired of not more than that after two (!)

Sexiest pose

Sexology gradually agree that of all the sexual games the most effective it should be recognized technique of oral sex, namely position 69.

The text data used in the World Encyclopedia of sex records.

Author: Ershov Julia

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