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Failure to bed: what kind of animal, and how to deal with it - July 12, 2006

July 12 2006

What could be worse than in intimate relationships than bad in bed. It would seem - a trifle, but it can become a source of stable complexes and even mental disorders. But only in the most severe case, because much depends on the person, on his mood, so the first thing to do - is to remain calm. At least once a failure in bed endured almost everyone, and periods of such failures have been or are in the life of every four men. So jump to conclusions and write themselves impotent not worth it.

What tense is the rhythm of life, the greater the stress, the more often the men face the fact that the bed can not succeed. Each failure in bed hurt hurt male ego. With each failure "for life", even petty, remember that in the bed - also fails. Self-confidence is melting before our eyes.

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Young people may experience this because of the proximity to the usual excitement. After all, they are serious partner and are afraid to do something wrong to offend her or hurt her. In any case, if something does not work, then to help his beloved should come to the woman.

But the act should be cautious. Eight out of ten men after the failure in the bed begin to fear a repetition of this situation. So often misfire happens again. Fear has failed fixed on a subconscious level, and a man can not get rid of it yourself. The most serious cases lead to the present impotence.

No need to ask the man why he happened such a "nuisance". The more you discuss it, the more uncomfortable he himself will feel. If he says that he was tired and wanted to sleep - be patient until the morning. The next day, wake up your favorite kisses, and even better, a very intimate caresses, and then everything will be fine.

If your man did not work, support it. For example, to offer men a glass of wine to help you relax. Change of scenery. If you were in the bedroom, to offer men take along douches: this water therapy increases blood circulation and, naturally, leads to a strong erection. Not bad to make such a procedure daily habit. Very useful for sports.

Maybe it's the poorly chosen pose. In some sexual positions is not easy to keep an erection. For example, when a man lies on his back, from the standpoint of circulation is not a good posture.

You can make a man a bit erotic, relaxing massage. Also, do not interfere with care of his diet, treat bananas (contain serotonin - "happiness hormone"), bitter chocolate (phenylethylamine contains - floral element, acting like the male hormone responsible for sexual arousal), seeds and nuts (vitamin E, it is very useful for its potency).

If a man after a failure after all dressed up and left, maybe he just wanted to digest the situation alone. But do not leave him alone for a long time, call him and tell him you roads. Please be patient, show him that you want to see him, then he will come back again and will cherish you even more.

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