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Every second man dreams about his wife's best friend

June 9 2011

Every second man dreams about his wife's best friend. 16716.jpeg Men always think of sex and erotic thoughts go to the male brain every 7 seconds. Sexual fantasies interfere with their decisions, distract from work and can bring to the dismissal, and even before the crime. Three-quarters of men are of sex with celebrities, and every second is sex with my girlfriend's best friend.

Question, how often do people think of sex, scientists around the world have devoted dozens of studies and experiments. In a fundamental study on this topic, held the Kinsey Institute, the oldest center for the study of sex and reproduction issues, says that 54% of men think about sex several times a day and only 19% of women think about sex as often.

At Ohio University decided to test this theory and experiment suggested that students of both sexes during the day to click the special unit, fixing his thoughts about sex, eating and sleeping. It was found that the average thoughts of sex come to mind guys 18 times a day, and girls - 10. However, it appeared that about sleeping and eating young people thinking about the same proportions. But scientists are not yet ready to draw final conclusions, perhaps, the girls are just more secretive, and guys just love to push buttons.

But Dr. Brizenden in popular science best-seller "The Female Brain" explains what is connected with the difference in the frequency of thoughts about sex. That part of the brain that is responsible for those thoughts - the hypothalamus - men just do.

A study by Durex shows: three-quarters of men are of sex with celebrities. And every second person wants to sleep with my wife (girlfriend) best friend.

This year, American scientists have studied the basic sexual fantasies of a strong half of humanity with the help of Internet search engines and found that most men dream of a complete girls with large breasts and often present themselves as heroes group sex. However, some psychologists have criticized the study, finding that the number of searches is not talking about the sexual attractiveness of the object, but rather of curiosity.

British scientists also argue that the most popular male fantasy - it's voyeurism, exhibitionism and sex with a mysterious stranger. More than 70% of men dream about a threesome, perhaps using a video camera. By the way, women who dream about group sex, not much less - more than 60% in the age group from 18 to 45 years.

Still, women often fantasize on lesbian themes, presenting themselves in bed with another woman, want to be tied, dreaming about sex in a public place - a park, elevator, staircase ...

In general, studies show that sexual fantasies indulge in more than half of women and up to 75% of men, and almost all representatives of the weaker sex are beginning to dream after watching erotic films or magazines. 60% of women retell their fantasy partners, and 34% to implement them - at least partially.

Sexologists from Leuven University in the Netherlands frightened many, when informed that the active sexual fantasies negatively affect the ability to make sound decisions. Moreover, they suggest that sexual fantasies of violence, may eventually lead to crime and, in general testify about the problems and the availability of a good reason to go to a specialist.

succeeded more optimistic, British scientists from Leeds University, who consider sexual fantasies just as important as sex. According to Dr. Waterman, they help us to enhance or, conversely, inhibit sexual desire, to anticipate events and prepare for them.

Most experts believe sexual fantasies normal part of a strong healthy sexuality. They help us to survive the stress, distracted from thinking about work, get extra pleasure out of life. A study conducted by Chicago researchers, found that men and women, often fantasizing about sex, more likely to have a harmonious sexual life, and in reality, but people who do not have a thought "below the belt" and in this inferior sex fantasist.

How could it be bad for something that, according to solid scientific experiments, 80% of men indulge in, even at work?

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