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Technology pickup. Ten-assessment system misses

September 8 2010

15020.jpeg Everyone who thinks that the pickup begins with the approach to the girl and began talking to her - is profoundly mistaken. Pick-up starts much earlier, since as soon as you hit the company of young people, and how you put yourself in this society, and will depend on your success.

Most importantly: you must be a confident person. No need to unceremoniously examine every girl that passes by you and happily clapping his friend on the shoulder: "You saw what her legs?" You have to be calm and confident, and that is your peace of mind and confidence in the future will go to your surroundings and those girls to whom you approach.

With these or some such words of the workshop for beginners pick up artist. In other words, fight club, depicted in the eponymous film and described in the book of the same name, long established. Some guys teach others the wisdom of life. Learn how to do so to get it. How can I change myself to get the main thing - sex. Because the pickup is actually - this is not about sex. It's about how to stop sweating and start living. This training is personal growth in a pure form.

Pick-up - an enormous stimulus to mental and intellectual development of a whole generation of young people of our country. To comprehend the techniques pickup young people have to read dozens of books, which under other circumstances they are not even paid attention to. To win the hearts of young ladies wholesale, they had to overcome himself, formatting the needs of the problem.

However, the pickup - it's fashion, which will take place as soon as the girls will bite pick up artist. The weakness of the pickup is just in its greatest strengths - techniques based on NLP. While everything is quiet, but a thunderstorm in sight. The reaction of the young ladies who understand that they are manipulated, not keep you waiting. The question is, Will the Pickup Girls get prepared?

LIBRARY pikaper:

Russian model of effective seduction. Philip Bogachev.
How to drag to bed the girl of his dreams. NLP without complexes. Gregory Madison
Have you tried hypnosis? Sergey Gorin
Seduction - NLP without complexes. Sergey Ogurtsov, Sergei Gorin.
How to meet at a party in the transport and on the street. Eric Webber.
Language conversation. Alan Garner, Alan Pease.

Five commandments pikaper:

1. There is nothing wrong with that, I'm a man, and tempted to conquer and seduce women. I'm not going to make excuses or apologize for it. I do what I want and have every right to it.

2. No one is immune from failure by 100%. But any failure - this is no reason to be upset, and the unprecedented opportunity to learn from their mistakes. This is the best positive relationship.

3. When you hang out with girls, pickup and seduce them, it brings you pleasure. If you do not get pleasure from the process of pickup and seduction, then you're doing something wrong.

4. More flexibility, imagination and improvisation.

5. Our world - he is generally friendly to us. So who are looking for - the one always finds, and each of us has everything you need to succeed.

15019.jpeg/ Strong> a ten-point system of evaluation of women using a large part of the pick up artist, we need primarily to adequately assess their own behavior and desires.

All of this ten-point system is good for subsequent feedback. When working in the field, a random acquaintance there is no need to provide nuances. Enough to determine if you are ready to fuck this girl. Ready - go get acquainted. All the rest later. Most of the pick up artist put a filter on the 5. That is five and above - is "Yes" (Meet, talk, have sex). Anything below - "No".

0 - unachievable maximum repulsive external data
It's all clear.

1 - disgusting
So very ugly. As an example, the most terrible and dirty bomzhiha at the Kursk railway station.

2 - ugly
Ugly means ugly. Fu. It is understood that peace is impossible to look at it. Pulls or turn away, or throw up. God forbid such colleagues and business partners. Communicate a need.

3 - ugly
This is better. The most horrible girl who still does not cause disgust. That is, you can communicate without problems. It is not terrible, but it is ugly. By the way, is usually very good on the nature of the girls (unless, of course, is not embittered by cruel fate).

4 - ugly

Just an ugly girl. We can say ugly. Well, God has not given external parameters, it happens. By the way, as practice shows, the estimates starting with quadruples, depending on personal preferences pick up artist. That is, the "quartet" one may well be "six" other. If you naryl "six", has no doubt that someone deems it the "quartet".

5 - neutral, zero impression
The most common category. Zero, a neutral impression is created not only if the girl has erased looks neither fish nor fowl, but also on the set of parameters. For example: a beautiful face and a lousy figure. Or something else. Simply evaluating it all, you realize that no impression. Sometimes, looking at the girl, and lovely to call it the language does not rotate, and pulls you to it. Understand that ugly (self is not fooled), but some zest in it. Solid "five". What else to say.

6 - cute
The main thing to understand and remember: "Six" - is good. It's really sweet and nice girl, which I would like to hang out and chat in all (or some) planes.

7 - very nice
Here everything is clear: girls are getting better and better, but it's a maximum, which occurs in everyday life. Beautiful - units, and they are rarely caught. "Seven", with "eight" figure (as well as the "seventh") - it's a cool girl who can be proud to take with you for the real uplift the image of any subculture. "Six" and "Seven" - is the maximum that can be seen in public walking.

8 - Beautiful

And here the girl is really beautiful. One or two per thousand. Beauty - a rare quality, this title deserves one. The beauty - this is when you look at her, and her eyes do not want to take. Of course, the criteria for all differ, but the word "beautiful" in the classical sense implies some uniqueness, highlighting the girl from the crowd like her.

9 - very beautifulnbsp;
"Nine" - are already pretty prohibitive. Save this ball, estimating the girls.

10 - unachievable maximum attractive external data
To emphasize the unreality, describe it as: "a dozen" - a primer from a mythical guru in a spherical vacuum.

Bogdan Velichkin

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