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Diet for Better Sex

July 8 2008

Of good nutrition depends on a full-fledged sex at any age! There are natural substitutes for "Viagra" and other drugs to increase potency. It is important to know only one thing, the age at which you need to eat. Here's expert advice.

Certain foods dilates blood vessels and thus improve blood flow to organs. As a result of increased potency and there is an erection.

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Some vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and zinc, and improve the quality of sperm. A diet rich in them, can help conceive a healthy baby.

Twenties men

Young people need the eggs

Eggs help to reduce the effects of stress and, consequently, excessive excitement at our first meeting with the object of love. Especially when a young man at a crucial moment too excited and ejaculate faster than you need. In the eggs contained a lot of vitamin B, which can reduce the effects of stress hormones. Before a romantic rendezvous good meal of eggs (boiled eggs, omelettes, scrambled eggs).

Chew celery - is not that sexy?

This vegetable contains androstenol and androstenone, which stimulate the production of the male sex hormone testosterone. Androstenone in different mammals is also used to develop appropriate hormones. On the female, they have a magical effect. Own desire also increases.

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Vanilla ice cream is suitable for men who have sex

So how does it workable. In the vanilla ice cream is a lot of phosphorus and calcium - minerals that are important for muscle tissue. Contraction of muscles that cause an orgasm, would not be possible without both of these assistants. In addition, calcium is important in the formation of sperm. While a decent percentage of calcium found in milk, however, vanilla is at the same time reduces the effect of stress and can do so online more relaxed - and extend in young men.

Thirty men

South American (Brazil) nuts

Cigarette smoke, air pollution and unhealthy lifestyles can impair the quality of sperm. Toxic substances alter DNA, which affects the genetic material. Healthy eating requires a vitamin with antioxidant action which counteracts this negative effect. Nuts contain large amounts of selenium, which positively affects the quality of sperm. In addition, they have enough vitamin E, which removes the harmful substances.

Liver - for the formation of a sufficient number of sperm need vitamin A

Netherlands study researchers showed that when there is insufficient content of vitamin A production of spermatozoa is deteriorating. One of the best sources of Vitamin A - liver. At 10 grams of the liver contains about 0.8 mg of vitamin A. In addition, the liver especially a lot of zinc, which increases the velocity of sperm.

Peaches need when planning to have children

They contain large amounts of vitamin C (more than oranges), necessary for the formation of high-quality sperm.In addition, American researchers have found that vitamin C leads to the fact that sperm compete with each other. In practice, the greater the number of sperm involved in this "race", the greater the chance that the baby is born.

Men from 40 years

Blueberries - the natural Viagra substitute

It contains a lot of vitamins and fiber, which lowers cholesterol. They cleanse the blood vessels (where collected) cholesterol and improve blood flow. This contributes to an erection and maintain it for a long time.

Muesli against impotence

Often to blame for this stress and fatigue. Reduce the effects of stress B vitamins and suppliers of energy - carbohydrates. Muesli contain optimal mix of carbohydrate and vitamin B. In addition, the cereal has a large supply of folic acid, which, according to U.S. scientists for a long time, improves quality of sperm.

Before a date eat steak

A piece of delicious hot leads in the excitement. First, the beef contained much protein, which causes the hormone dopamine and norepinephrine - both have contributed to increasing sexual desire. Secondly, a great steak zinc content, which increases the likelihood of conception. Third, natural beef leads to the production of testosterone and at the same time reduces the effect of globulin, which is blocking it.

Dark chocolate contains serotonin and theobromine

These substances reproduce the happy hormones. We feel as though we're in love. In addition, chocolate is the amino acid L-arginine, which in laboratory conditions showed that it promotes the production of nitrogen oxides in the body. This leads to dilation of blood vessels and thus optimize blood flow to the genitals.

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Igor Bukker


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