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Sexual gymnastics: for women only

August 7 2006

This simple set of exercises will help you to better control the body in the bed and bring more pleasure to himself and his partner. It is said that such exercises are performed very Marilyn Monroe .

Step 1.

Start doing the following exercises while lying down. Later, you can easily perform them in any position, anywhere.

1. Lying on the floor on his stomach, scrape the face of his hands. Upris in their forehead.

2. Squeeze your buttocks with full force, will hold the tension for 5-10 seconds, then relax.

3. After you do this 10 times, begin to strain the muscles of the buttocks, along with the abdominals. Do exercise 5.10 on the day.

After the execution of the first exercises will cease to cause trouble, start to train internal muscles.

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Strain and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles. By feeling it must be like the desire to hold urine. Doing this exercise should be as often as possible.

The third exercise of the first stage is performed sitting in a chair, leaning back. You should sit so you can see the abdominal muscles. Plunging the stomach, try to catch the situation that gives the perfect picture - no mounds and folds. Need to remember this feeling, and further train without looking.

Having mastered the third exercise, start doing it and the previous two together. You immediately feel how much more can your body.

The fourth exercise is the first stage:

1. Lying on the floor face down, stretch your arms along the body.

2. Get back muscles and lift the body. Throws back his head to be visible ceiling.

3. Slowly lower.

This exercise is performed 3 times in a row and gives the body flexibility.

Step 2.

1. This exercise is performed sitting on the floor. Leg pull, put his hands on his knees.

2. Alternately strained buttocks so as to use them to move forward on the floor. When there is a movement, bend your knees, and before again stretch, straighten them.

Such an exercise will not only strengthen the muscles, but also reduce the volume of the thighs.

The second exercise:

1. Stand up, put your feet shoulder-width apart, with an emphasis on the heel.

2. Do rotational movements toes inward, and then in the opposite direction. To 7 times in each direction.

3. Bring your weight from heels to toes and flailing his heels and toes before that. Also on 7 times.

And finally, the third exercise.

1. Standing by the wall so that your heels, buttocks and back touching the surface, weaken the body.

2. Squeeze your buttocks and draw the abdomen so that the bowl broke away from the wall.

3. Wait in that position for 5-10 seconds and then return to starting position.

This exercise is repeated 3 times.


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