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Miraculous properties of sex

November 5 2009

13035.jpeg They say that sex is extremely useful. Moreover, as claimed by Czech specialists, an active sex life significantly reduces and in some cases and does antiodontalgic .

Regular sex also has a beneficial effect on the quality of dental enamel. The fact that it contributes to the production of endorphins - the so-called hormone of happiness, which in addition to other useful qualities, and possess analgesic properties.

Researchers argue that life expectancy for people who are married (or having a steady partner) - significantly higher than that of singles. Already it is no secret that among sex, love and well-being there is quite a strong connection.

For example, an active sex life helps some people to heal arthritis, other pain relief. Noted that lovers rarely get cold. In sexually active citizens and women citizens in the blood contains more red blood cells, and better blood circulation. A full sexual life prolongs youth.

The reason for this - the property of sex to stimulate and rejuvenate the system of ductless glands. When you make love, pituitary, adrenal and parathyroid glands, ovaries in women, prostate and testicles in men working with high intensity

13036.jpeg American manufacturers of condoms, is likely to realize the wonderful properties of sex and decided to carefully expand the boundaries of love joys of their citizens. Upon reflection, they began selling condoms to cunnilingus .

Condom, designed for safe oral stimulation of female genital mutilation, is a self-adhesive latex tryapichku which completely covers the language of the performer.

You can choose from blotches with pupyrchatoy, grooved and even a fluffy surface. NEW enjoyed unprecedented demand and are exported worldwide.

However, despite these innovations, it appears that the woman does not dream of cunnilingus . With much greater joy they give to housework. And who would have thought that the average Briton spends with a rag in the hands of more than 16 hours per week: this mode allows a woman to "feel that her life is under control." According to the survey, the average Briton is committed to cleaning house 2:00 23 minutes daily, while their appearance - 52 minutes.

Almost half of the two thousand of the women surveyed noted some painful in their own dependence on the process of cleaning. Four of the 10 women admitted that "no longer in control of their habits associated with cleaning. A third of the ladies said they get from harvesting more fun than sex .

According to the testimony of 76% of respondents, in their obsessive quest to restore order to blame magazines, demonstrating impeccable licked interiors. 80% of respondents always compare whether enough clean their homes, compared with others, and 6 out of 10 mothers think that, seeing they have the disorder, the guests would find that they are "bad mother".

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