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How to achieve happiness in sex and prolong his life for 7 years

May 2 2006

What makes a person happy? The most recent studies are presented on the topic and reviewed in the latest mini-television series production of BBC, the first episode aired with the beginning of a new week.
All we want is happiness, but the problem is that this concept has always been considered too imprecise. When you pronounce this word, it is like a balloon floating in the heavens, or something equally frivolous.
Now, scientists have wondered fantastic ideas structured happiness, and to evaluate in the statistics. Now Neurobiology learned to measure the degree of pleasure a man. Happiness - is not just an elusive mood, happiness is quite achievable.

American psychologist Professor Ed Diener from the University of Illinois, the only way to determine the degree of happiness called in-depth interview.

"You, this may seem silly, but we simply ask people: How are you happy for a 7-point scale? And, most interestingly, the figures are representative of (significant) and allow us to determine quite the real thing "- says Diener.

Happiness has just magical. Today, scientists are almost 100% sure that it prolongs life, improves health, improves immune system and productivity at work.

The desired result, the experts get this: take the same level of happiness, which people call, and compare it with the whole set of other gendornyh (sex) and social characteristics. The study involved the mass of volunteers (individuals), and so it turns out, the correlation coefficient between these characteristics and avoids the sampling error.

Now scientists are trying to identify causal relationships and explain clearly whether a person is healthy, because it is happy, or happy because it is healthy. According to Professor Diner, there is convincing evidence that happy people live longer than others.

"As a result, one of our study revealed a difference in the ten years between the happiest and most unhappy groups. This is a huge difference, "- says the scientist.

Scientists have already more than 30 years tracking the level of satisfaction of people with their lives. Note that, despite the huge increase in welfare of the population in some Western countries, the level of happiness in their population did not increase even at 3%.

"Standards of living have increased dramatically and happiness has not grown at all, and in some cases even declined," - tells us, Professor Daniel Kahneman of Princeton University.

Studies have confirmed that people in rich countries is usually a bit happier than the poor. True happiness does not add people to the mountains of money, and having a good roof over your head, food and clothing.
Scientists have deduced the reasons that a lot of money and other tangible benefits do not make us happier.
First, we simply get used to wealth. A short burst of pleasure we are able to deliver not just an expensive accessory, but an ordinary chocolate bar.

Secondly, we tend to judge their lives as judge of her others. Richer feel a surge of strength, comparing himself to be poor, they say, "at their level and I am a king."

A single key to happiness, according to Diner, there is still no, but there are a whole set of its components.
Relatives, friends and fellowship. The wider and deeper your relationships with others, the more people you have worked out "hormones of happiness". It is believed that friendship is able to even protect us from germs and viruses. Our brain controls almost all the mechanisms in the body.And if stress can cause illness, why friendship and happiness can not have the reverse effect.

No less important are sex and marriage. According to researchers, a happy marriage prolongs life male seven years, and a woman for four years. Note that in Russian male life expectancy is only 56 years old, and most of the men raised the Puritan system of the USSR, and have not found a mate.
Another most important ingredient - a presence of meaning in life, faith in something bigger than yourself, religion, or a certain philosophy of life. Life is without meaning - is empty, it oppresses us precisely this emptiness and meaninglessness.

Likewise, Professor Diener identifies two key elements causing misfortune:

Firstly, it is certainly loss of a spouse or partner. It leads to the fact that sometimes a person needs several years to return to the previous level of happiness, and sometimes it's impossible.

Well, and, secondly, the loss of work and livelihood. Unpleasant effect of this event can also take several years, even if a person has long got a new job, he just lost his thread of meaning in life, and consequently - their happiness.

According to Professor Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania:
"The best thing you can do to provide yourself with positive emotions - it's like to live on the top level of those installations that are in you, - he explains. - That is, I think we can raise the level of happiness a specific person by 10-15 percent, although not completely relieve him of the habit of constantly grumble or make giggle "

Another Greek philosophers tried in an effort to find a man to Happiness basis of morality.

Ethical system, emanating from the beginning of happiness, called evdaymonicheskimi, and distinguished as hedonism Aristippus (Greek School), perceiving happiness in sensual pleasures, and Epicureanism (school of followers of Epicurus), with its refined aesthetic enjoyment; as abstinence from the passions in the absence of any pain Happiness is determined by the Stoics (Greek school was quite a lot). Christian Happiness - is the well-known imitation of the righteous life of Christ.

From a linguistic point of view, the word "happiness" means "this hour" all you need at once.

Васильева Камилла

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