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10 myths about the loss of virginity

December 1 2006

Myth number 1. The first sexual contact occurs in 14-15 years

In fact, in this age of the absolute majority of teenagers is only talking about sex. And boys love more and fib in order to show their masculinity. The average age of onset of sexual activity among Russians - 16,2 years, while the average on the planet - 17,4. The first sexual experience is directly dependent on welfare in the family, intelligence and education level. What rates are higher, the later is a loss of virginity.

Myth № 2. Hymen girls over the years thickens and the later is an act of loss of innocence, the more he hurt process.

The anatomical structure of virgin Worthless, size and density of individual holes. And certainly not depend on age. If it was flexible in 18 years, and 28 everything will be OK.

Myth number 3. Early initiation of sexual activity is harmful to health

Hymen - is primarily a barrier to infections for a period not yet formed a protective microflora (for 17-18-years). Into the vagina prior to this age very thin layer of the epithelium - it is easily injured during sex. And this in turn can lead to inflammation and even infertility.

Myth number 4. Later onset of sexual activity is harmful to health

At the time, even many doctors believed that migraines and acne - the result of prolonged virginity. It is possible that these diseases are hormone-induced, but they do not depend on the availability of the hymen. Much of this psychological disease.

Myth number 5. Those who do not live sexuality, do not need to go to the gynecologist

And the gynecologist and the urologist for the first time we have to show more years in the 6-7. After all, remember that modern medicine at an early stage treatment amenable to almost all diseases. With regard to boys is phimosis and cancer of the testicles.

Myth № 6. Defloration very painful and bloody process

Of course, everything is up to the banal physical incompatibility. But in a normal situation, if a girl is properly instituted, blood and pain may not be. This is due to the fact that excitation of the vagina produces a natural lubricant.

Myth № 7. The first partner to be older and more experienced

As in any case it is desirable but not mandatory. Experienced partner have enough skill to bring you to a high degree of excitation. But this has nothing to do with his age. So be nice.

Myth number 8. Innocence better to lose in the bath

Warm water relaxes muscles and is easy to nerves, prevents spasms and reduces pain. But, unfortunately, the water washes away natural lubrication of the vagina and penis. Strongly chlorinated water, just not conducive to soft penetration.

Myth number 9. First sex with a condom hurts

Modern condoms are covered with special lubricant to facilitate sliding. If we add to this natural and synthetic lubricants, we get an ideal option. Penetration turns soft and painless.

Myth № 10. The first night can not get pregnant

It is even possible. Female body ready for conception is from 11-12 years and chaff in this case is not a hindrance. There are cases of conception after oral caresses. And even just without a partner.

Experts say that stress, high temperature female egg can begin to share itself. In the egg, ready for fertilization, contains 23 chromosomes - and on the above reasons, they are divided, thus forming the required 46 chromosomes. Then the egg can be segmented and the developing embryo.

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