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Why do women love bastards?

June 1 2006

He rarely happens at home, works rarely and reluctantly, spending your money on ties, beer and a cigarette called a fool, selling in the couch Mariana Trench, and recalls of children when they obstruct the TV screen. You're making pickles, plow at work, like, seven buffaloes vodish son "to the rink and chess, and a girl -" on the violin, and swimming, and nights of virtuoso fondle her lover on a broken couch. Question: do you need?

Eh, what I love cowboy?
As the Native American wisdom to paraphrase Faulkner, a woman is like a flight of fancy butterfly. Flitting from flower to flower, it is likely to sit where stood a horse. Why? And who of us knows why. See: around guys so much gold, and all of a drop on you so that almost no neck, rolled up, and you're all claws frantically clinging to it womanizer with impudent eyes and plowing fume, though without obliging friends know very well: you're not his needed, he just uses you.

For what we really love them, these three unworthy scoundrels?

Option 1: for beautiful eyes
Exists between us girls, the conventional wisdom: once handsome man - hence, the rascal (egotist, a womanizer, his mother does not love and all that jazz). Fortunately, this is not always true, but unfortunately, something that is ...

Here's the thing: a very handsome boy is much harder to grow a real knight than a snub-nosed and Krivonogov shorty. First, elderly relatives with enthusiastic cries of "oh, what are the cilia in, you're my honey" pop tot chocolates, then grown up classmate vengeance build his eyes, and then excitedly try to satisfy his teenage hypersexuality, and finally to his courageous neck are beginning to be hung in clusters classmate, employee and casual acquaintances. So where, pray tell, in the heart of the lady's pet undertake to respect women, to these obsequious obozhatelnitsam, vying Segal in his bed - is just an eye blink? Is that really too strong in its moral principles and willpower nemerenoe, but it's so rare ...

What should I do? It depends on what you want to achieve. Dream to destroy the "beautiful tormentor" morally - take the example of men: if they want beauty only as a beautiful doll with high breasts and legs from the temples, the more they are away and do not require. Call it Dusik and lapuskoy, please do not clog fellow too clever things - say, you, my dear, beautiful without convolutions. With all the careless unfasten him money, saying "it's you on the cake." Complimented him like "from you such beautiful children, well, intelligence, thank God, is transmitted from the mother." Let him know his place! And if you do not break down and run away - it will have self-esteem is not the same.

But let's say you're interested in it not just as sweet Pupsik, and with it you are going "a long journey for many years." Then try the underscored treat it primarily as a friend and companion. Consult, listen, discuss, and have argued. And God forbid you ever let him know how you dement ultramarine his opinion, sculptural torso and a proud profile!

Option 2: A girl and a bully
Once there was a very good girl. The school was a A student, she helped her mother, she graduated from an elite university, found a decent job. Court her a very educated young man of good family, and parents are both already delicately hinted the children about their grandchildren. In general, all went to the well and decently, that is a good girl once rebelled: yell at my mother has started skating in the fan and went to live with one notorious villain, a known lover of vodka drunk, outrageous to violate women and defenseless lie.

p align = "justify"> This eternally unshaven lout in countless tattooed, because of the broad shoulders and grinned whose two previous convictions, aroused his girlfriend poplohevshey something like awe, and its a decent job, it went quite happy, though zapudrennymi with bruises. Earned a million-druzhochku for bread and vodka, while he entertained with the merry madam dubious social origin. On the sorrowful admonition of the same mother and former classmate frantically screamed: "And if I like to live like this!"

Find out in this little girl at heart himself confirmed: yes, love. Because it's not boring. Let life abounds, and all over the head, but it does not rot marsh Vodice. Such are we, women, fastidious: a little peace to us every night teas, neat groom in a good suit and a decent future in the long term - Give us an unprecedented passion, as in a beautiful melodrama, even with an ugly ending. Bored woman - terrible force. So do not let yourself get bored, and possibly less harmful ways, rather than an affair with a villain. If so leads to extreme, it's better to go to a nurse in a unit for violent crazy or alone hitchhike in Muslim countries. Try it - do not get bored.

Option 3: "I will deliver thee, beloved!"
You'd think you had no idea what he is for the fruit is. You might think it's not you he once boasted on a drunken shop that lives up to three "idiot", and all adore him, and not your best friend, all of a sensible and respectable, was sobbing on your chest, calling him a scoundrel. So with what a joy you gave yourself to seduce this impudent kotyare for which any month called March? Where does this blind belief that much to you, then he settled down, will be home, tender and fluffy? And it's our women's compassion, which supposedly keeps the whole world. Supposedly, it's not a good life, he is not guilty, my dear, devoured Wednesday and Thursday to finish off, a kid did not like, probably, oh poor thing he is. And so I'm something of his unearthly love saved him ...

Revel in their own dignity, of course, it is nice, except that it will be almost the only pleasure that you deliver the data itself, so to speak, a novel. You can not doubt: at least every second of his former obozhatelnits mused about the same and also considered themselves exceptional.

The yield, however, is: become for him a truly exceptional - Stop surround this freeloader care and custody, they are fed up with him long ago. Try to become the mistress of the situation: make it so that the rules of your relationship dictated by you, not him. To do this he had waited you long evenings while you go do not know where (and do not dare admit to him that quietly sat quietly with a friend!), And then sweetly cooed at the entrance to some stranger (even if it's even a plumber uncle Kolya, with whom you agree on the time fix the toilet). And at home, lounging on a sofa cheeky, will require to bring you a cup of tea - at least polyubueshsya how twisted his face. In general, try to get him to swap roles. Every woman is a little actress, and you too, you can be sure.

Option 4: "I do not need anyone else"
Unfortunately, such contagious diseases as a lack of faith in themselves and doubt their own attractiveness, capable of destroying even the best of us. Well, let's say you believed in adolescence ugly duckling, a favorite boy's nose gate in the mirror, even not look like. Now puberty already, praise the gods, behind former classmate long you laughing blabbed like that boy went crazy on you, and even if the mirror is looking not so raskrasavitsa, it is no secret that men did to us implies no nose and not even the volume of the breast.

about you as if by inertia continue to believe that anyone interested in how a woman can not, and the first exception to this seeming rightly perceived as a unique opportunity that should not be missed. It is interesting that these women seemed to have the most scent that neither is complete scoundrels. Their victims they see from afar: Even if you were brilliant and impenetrable, like a queen, your belief in their own irrelevance, no matter how deep you would not hid, zoom a certain kind of men, as a red flag. And now you're impressed by his subtle flattery and charming insolence, that he knew how to persuade you that you need him, and catching you on the hook - that we need him alone, and even then not very much. And you're trying hard not to lose it - what to eat, they say, but my whole.

But it may be worth at least for a change to try to live for yourself, not from the person to whom you want, but from someone who needs you? Yes, there is a risk for some time to be alone, but it is still better, as the Persian classics, than with anyone. And then, a single woman is much more likely to be seen as worthy of her man, than have a permanent boyfriend, even a scoundrel.

Option 5: a fly in a jam
Or maybe this: you can not deceive ourselves at the expense of his loyalty and honesty, not to feel it very deep feelings, but still stayed with him, because it depends on him financially. He treats you like a servant, does not hide the links on the side and seemed to be deliberately trying to turn your life into a nightmare. But if you walk away from it right now, you'll have to huddle together in a studio apartment with grumpy old mother and grandmother and live solely on his own pay, which is many times smaller than that of the scoundrel, and then look for work in a hurry. You can, of course, to have a lover for his own satisfaction, but this is unlikely to remain secret for your money-bags Pinocchio - because he has such respect! - And most likely he will not be tolerated - it is everything is permitted, and you, trembling creature, know their place.

If you really really got you such a life can change his attitude to it. What to do, the harsh reality now, and everyone makes a living as he can. Some are, for example, designers, photo models, businessmen and biznesvumenami, robbing banks or building houses. Others find a rich husband and lived at his expense - and this is also a profession. And the fact that the ability to earn huge money and excellent personal qualities are often not get along together - so it's normal production costs. So if this kind of life you happy - good luck with your hard work. And if not, then it is time, perhaps, to recall or learn some other profession.

Attention! To those who live with wealthy husbands from the same love for this most husbands, this does not apply!

Disappointing get the picture. For one reason or another, and sometimes all at once, and pulls us women, to this charming and unique villains - some kind of desire, born disease, which deal with difficult and sometimes meaningless. Well, is comforted only by the fact that men like the most are the real stinker. So that they do not live better than us, and maybe even harder.


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