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Regulation of female pleasure

May 1 2006

Problems with lack of orgasm, unfortunately, occur only in women. Recent studies in this issue suggest that nearly 30% of Russian women have never experienced an orgasm in intercourse with a man, another 15% felt it is not regular.

Of course, there is no rigorous scheme to achieve an orgasm, its precise characteristics and parameters. Ability to achieve orgasm every woman is individual. Some of it had never experienced, while others suffer from mild stimulation or sexual fantasies on the theme. Orgasm - a very complicated thing, but despite this, everyone should know and remember that it can test every healthy woman, this only requires special skills and knowledge .

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the orgasm is unique to humans. We are the only creatures who use sex for pleasure. Perhaps this is why many women seek to get maximum pleasure from sex, but it is not possible to each and not always. To begin to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon, you need to know for sure whether you have experienced an orgasm before. If yes, then it means that the cause must be sought in today's relationships, and perhaps even hidden from you vascular disease pelvic elevated blood sugar, benign or malignant tumors. If not, then most likely the problem lies in the physiological characteristics of your body and mental state. To understand the causes of what is happening can only qualified doctor-sexologist .

The main and most common reason for lack of orgasm - the lack of the necessary and sufficient excitation. For example, many men feel that a woman has reached the extreme, and necessary for the excitation of an orgasm if she has singled out a special lubricant which facilitates penetration. In fact moistening the vagina is still at an early stage of sexual arousal and does not necessarily mean that a woman approached the maximum excitation and even more to an orgasm. To test it, it needs constant stimulation klitornaya. In order to have an orgasm, most women do not care how long and how much man commits frictions (jerks). In itself, the introduction of the penis is not the most effective way to achieve orgasm .

It mainly provides psychological satisfaction - and nothing more. On the contrary, prolonged sexual intercourse could be inefficient, since after a while the vagina is no longer to provide a natural lubricant and it becomes dry. Therefore, only when proper stimulation can achieve orgasm, even if intercourse lasts only 5 minutes or less. Without adequate stimulation, you will likely never reach orgasm, no matter how long intercourse lasted no.

Unfortunately, not imitate orgasm so few women, it seems our men. Loving husband wife often can not tell him that she never in my life has not experienced an orgasm with him. Reasons why we do this, a lot, but more often they are not worth your nerves and health. So try to talk about it with her husband - and the sooner the better. No such situation, especially in the intimate lives of two people loving each other, that it would be impossible to discuss and find a way out.

So why need a female body orgasms? First, the mental and physical health.Recent studies have shown that women orgazmiruyuschie much calmer, friendly and contacts. Serious psychological tests reveal they have lower levels of anxiety and tension. These women are better sleep, less likely to use antidepressants, and even the vocabulary they have more than those who did not experience orgasm.

Secondly, for a successful family unit. It has long been known that women do not experience orgasm, there is little attractive to men, so with these women divorced their husbands more often. Of course, in the court registry office or no one recognizes that the true cause of divorce - lack of orgasm, but studies say that she is at the heart of every third divorce.

Interestingly, when long-term contacts, even without any intimate relationship (eg, official relations) Men unconsciously rather pinpoint which of their friends has an orgasm, and who - not. A few years ago turned out to be sensational research sexologist T. Harris: he discovered that one hundred officers very solid British insurance company almost unerringly pointed out how things are going with the discharge of their colleagues - the women sitting with them in the same room. And the attitude to these orgazmiruyuschim colleagues measured by specific tests, it was generally three times better than those of detente is not achieved, although there have been no staff novels.

Of course, not the concepts of "right" and "wrong" orgasm . Meanwhile, many women believe that if you test only klitorny orgasm, but a vaginal know only from stories of her friends and "smart books", then it's wrong, and therefore not real orgasm. This is fundamentally incorrect assumption. How do you get sexual satisfaction, it does not matter, the main thing - you receive it. It would be surprising if you experience an orgasm just from intercourse, while klitornuyu stimulation generally did not respond. A woman's body is designed so that to achieve orgasm, she always required klitornaya stimulation.

Not everyone is ready to accept masturbation as part of a full sexual life because of education or other reasons. But, fortunately, there is nothing wrong and even more wrong and harmful to the female body. Self-stimulation not only helps to experience orgasm at all, but can learn to get complete satisfaction and during sexual contact with a partner. Stimulation of the clitoris is intense, but localized orgasm. During intercourse the penis stays inside the vagina makes it feel more dispersed. This difference in perceptions explains why some women are clearly reaching orgasm during masturbation klitornoy not sure whether they are experiencing it in reality through sexual intercourse. In terms of physiology reflex reaction of the vagina during orgasm is always the same and does depend on what it is called.

Lack of orgasm - a sign of serious disease : Tumors of the hypothalamic-pituitary system; atherosclerosis pelvis or brain, hormonal changes, in particular reducing the level of testosterone; Parkinson's disease, traumatic injuries of the pelvic nerves of diabetes.

Six rules to create the right mood:

Rule one: In order not to feel rushed or anxious, provide yourself adequate time and intimate atmosphere.Send children to grandparents, light a candle or nightlight, create a romantic or any other pleasing to you and your husband's image.

Rule two: Before having sex, at least, at least half an hour, try not to touch the conversation topics such as work, money, school children affairs, and other issues that might cause controversy.

Rule Three: Complete a row before going to bed, but not in bed. Never use sex as a means of reconciling.

Rule Four: If you are in front of the proximity of inflated and tense, try to relax with breathing exercises or other relaxation exercises.

Rule five: Do not worry about the pleasure of your partner during lovemaking, try to focus on themselves, excluding all else. Impatience and anxiety at a delay of orgasm make extra, useless confusion in your sexual feelings.

Rule Six: And most importantly, if orgasm did not occur, do not complain about it. The human body - a mystery, especially for women. Better try next time a more serious approach to this case, try to more accurately perform these recommendations.

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