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Attention - rival! How not to lose their beloved at a party

December 31 2005

How long are you waiting for its second half! And now you've got the same prince on a white horse, which you dreamed. How much do you cost of works to lasso this handsome .... Now you have only one desire - to hide his treasure away from prying eyes and enjoy the quiet serene happiness.

But at one point in your house is heard the phone ring. At the other end of the long-standing friend. She invites you to the Christmas party (birthday). Girlfriend is already aware of your romantic relationship with a man dreams, and waiting for you without fail in his company.

My first thought - refuse. But then to think that renounce something you can not - revenge girlfriend will be fierce and sophisticated .... There is no choice - have to go and show itself "society" is your treasure. And you know in advance that the celebration would be an unbelievable amount of the first bitch, misses the severity and novelty of sexual feelings, for whom flirtation akin to fitness. And the "something new" in the face of your beloved will have them just to taste ....

But agreed - go together. Now you only need one - to gather all of your nerves and emotions into a fist and get ready for the decisive battle.

Enemy number one - the hero of the celebration.

Since the inception of your friendship (and that's about kindergarten age), she main expert on fighting off your "property." And there is a risk that she was on the Rights of the hostess tries to use the "right of first night."

Plus for you in her position mistress is one, but very large - it will not be able to grab a stranglehold on your boyfriend, have all the time to be distracted by other guests. So that the space for it is not particularly much.

Enemy number 2 - a woman vamp.

Generally, this person of this type are found in nature is extremely rare. This is a good thing! Since individual males lose their heads as soon as vamp lead eyebrow. Compete with it - is virtually useless. And if your choice is still got into her field of vision, you have only one thing - to wait until the fury enough of them. Then he will come back .... If you're of course he still needs to be.

Enemy number 3 - "orphan".

These helpless, often cause a disembodied in the opposite sex instinct counsel. Sort scallywag does not want to claim your "all". But she barely keeps on his feet and if your man give her his arms as a "vehicle" - will not give up.

Enemy № 4 - Carmen.

For such a person does not exist obstacles in the path to the object of his passion. Operates on the principle of "wife is not a case - otodvinu. She is a prisoner of his passions. Go to any tricks just to get the night vending entity.

Any, even the most timid attempts to suppress Carmen on the vine. Yes, love can accuse you of unfounded jealousy, but believe me, it's only flatter his vanity.

Enemy number 5 - a female shadow.

This lady had never to "having beaten" is not. She is extremely correct and kept with strangers. But with your lovely lady in the company of some of the metamorphosis taking place - after five minutes of dialogue, he laughed merrily and sweetly chirps. It is useless to make a scene - expose yourself too hysterical hypochondriac.

of the main types of opponents, which can damage your quiet happiness. Adversary needs to know in person! So, armed with this knowledge, bold conclusion "it" in the light!

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Maria Pavlikova

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