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How to recognize a man a good lover

November 30 2005

You met an attractive man, and now guess what he would make an lover? This important question does not tolerate any hasty decisions. This material will help to understand what kind of "fruit" met on your way.

The easiest way to test men's sexuality offered by German psychologists. Gave him a candy wrapper, and calmly watched him. If a man breaks the fast wrap and immediately throws - so this subject is like a quickie, in the prelude can not count. If he starts to fold out of the wrapper different figures, then in bed, he probably also be creative. Anyone who pulls a piece of paper in different directions, as if trying to determine whether it is elastic, is unsure of himself. The man gently smooths the wrapper, not to leave any wrinkles? Certainly be refined in the weasel. If a man puts a piece of paper and put them in his pocket, most likely, his ingenuity will not go beyond a traditional posture.

There is a suggestion that men with muscular necessarily good lovers. In fact, from the "bullies" in bed, not a lot of sense. Apparently, all their forces are spent in the gym and taking steroids adversely affect potency.

Scientists from the U.S. claim: the more a man looks like a monkey, the higher the sexual activity. To assess the degree of similarity even introduced a special term - primativeness (from the word "primacy"). Because sexuality was originally given to man, then it is most pronounced among those members of the human race, who keep in touch with nature at the genetic level.

A curious fact was established by Canadian scientists. They studied the relationship of hair color men with his sexual behavior. The result was the following: brunettes in bed games aspire to leadership, are inclined to experiment and differ rich imagination. Blondes have more conservative temperament, they are quiet, smooth and prefer to do without surprises. Shateny combine the features of brunettes and blondes, making them the most unpredictable in bed. Moreover, men with hard, thick head of hair is much more active than those with soft hair.

As for determining the size of the penis, here too there are a few rules. U.S. scientists believe that penis size is interconnected with the nose man. If the nose is thick and fleshy, the diameter of his penis, is likely to be above average.

However, such an observation, as women do not, probably none of the scientist. So, recently conduct a survey on the Internet. Women were asked to answer the question: "How to more accurately estimate the total size of the penis, without seeing it? "More than half of women believe the easiest to navigate in the form of hands. If the fingers are long, hence, manhood is above average. And vice versa. In addition, many noted that the delicate fingers - a sure sign that a man knows well how to weasel.

By the way, some psychologists argue that men with big penis is not so good in bed, as is commonly believed. The fact that representatives of the stronger sex attach great importance to the size of his genitals. And, as a rule, they are dissatisfied. And so are trying hard to compensate for the "deficiency" that is becoming very affectionate and tender. If the penis is big, the man somehow thinks that a woman is already present.

By the way ...

Kurtsveyler Marcus, a professor of sexology at Hamburg University, believes that good lover can identify with 10 characters.

1.Increased hairiness and early baldness.

2. Small stature.

3. Individual scent that you like it.

4. Voice. What a beautiful voice man, the longer the sexual act.

5. Manner of a conversation. If dominated by a question mark, then in bed, he demonstrates extreme uncertainty. Men who knew how to do the compliments are usually well aware of what needs to partner in intimate terms.

6. Gait. If a man does not walk, and worn, most likely, he is in bed will behave accordingly. Military bearing evidence of excessive straightforwardness. Dancing or imposing gait gives a person who knows a good judge of pleasures.

7. Courtship. Man chooses the play, movie or restaurant? Hence, in bed, he always tries to impose its will. And vice versa.

8. As he eats. If missing everything, trying to quickly finish the meal, there will be gourmet and the intimate sphere. If you eat slowly and in good taste - highly skilled in sexual games.

9. How to pay off in the restaurant. Misers, usually not too generous and affection.

10. As he looks. If a man looks at your figure, mentally undressing, then most likely you are to him, another sex-vertex, which must be conquered. If all the time looking into his eyes, the bed will try to give you maximum pleasure.

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