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March 30 2006

Once we were taught that human sexual function is intended only for the reproduction of their kind, as among animals. In fact it is deeply misleading or likely to Puritan morality of our medieval ancestors.

But today we should know that sexual activity, men and women is the most important and perhaps the only rod that holds them together in marriage (the second terminal - the spiritual superstructure - is love ). If someone else says, do not believe - it's people speak with weak sexual constitution, which were themselves unhappy in marriage and love all the measure on its own.

It just so happened that on many vital issues in the absence of experience or knowledge of a person compares himself to: "Here I am, and all others should be so. And if they're not, then either underdeveloped or are sick, or something else. " A "no such" always despised and banished from society. Person is an individual and society, humanity as a whole many-sided, have very different characteristics.

Is no exception and sexual abilities. The more so because of sex, we started to talk recently - some 20 years ago that by the standards of the time of human life represents a negligible amount.

But it was not always the case. According to historians, one of the oldest sciences - philosophy in the beginning of its development on gender relations, paid 95% of his attention, and only 5% - the study of the world. The Middle Ages as a taboo for the coverage of sexual life (although the sex life, naturally, did not stop).

But in the last 30 years after the sexual revolution of the intimate life of the world's written books and articles than ever before in human history. And how to install statistics, teenagers and youths aged 12 to 19 think about sex every 5 minutes (obviously at a time when they are generally about something they think). And only after 40 years return period of such thoughts in men increased to an hour.

What is the meaning of sex for a man? Besides the already mentioned genital function (only one of the 288 sexual intercourse leads to conception) and a number of physiological actions associated with the maintenance of genital function (the remaining 277 of the 288 sexual intercourse), sexual life of a man performs a number of socially important functions, keeping the male and women together. Herewith:

- Man protects a woman during fetal gestation her children;
- Man assists the woman during feeding her children;
- Man passes his life experiences sons;
The male children of a mother substitute in the event of death or disability;
- People tend to live groups, which allows you to work together to survive;
-People communicate with each other that allows us to develop and accumulate knowledge, skills, abilities, experience and means of production, the results of labor, etc.

The above arguments in favor of family life is very good. But despite the so-called sexual revolution of the past 30 years, a huge number of films and literature, covering the sexual life of man, only number of divorces has increased, and in countries such as Britain, France and Germany in recent years amounted to 30-40% and in the Ukraine and the United States - has reached half of all marriages.In repeated the same marriage in Ukraine take 95% of men and only 38% of women, while the remaining divorced prefer not to communicate remarriage.

Causes of divorce a lot, but 43% of the principal called sexual disharmony of the spouses. And it is interesting that in eight out of ten cases of divorce initiated by women.

As you can see, despite the openness of the topic in recent decades and a lot of sources of information about sex, real knowledge of men and women on this subject are clear gaps. This is understandable, since the topic during the sexual revolution was of more commercial tone than scientific. And if you remember (who looked) a lot of erotic or pornographic movies, but the effect of entertainment, they do not even hint at the scientific, useful for solving all these problems. Moreover, through these films problems only brightened, and this led to an increase in the number of divorces.

So what's the deal? What are the gaps in human knowledge about his personal life? To examine this question, as well as the extensive literature and our own case studies, the authors showed that the most important gaps in knowledge about sex is the lack of full information about the sexual constitution of man and its huge role in the formation of harmonious relations between man and woman . Even the newest collections on CD-ROM, claiming to be encyclopedic coverage of the sexual life of man, for some reason omitted the topic. Therefore, people still have to rely solely on their sexual experience at the tips of friends on intuition or on the case.

It should also be noted that in the wild is not purely functional dependencies, and there is correlation. Therefore, as a rule, the identified patterns are valid for approximately 90% of cases while other cases can be considered as exceptions to the rule.

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