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With tales of life: what makes a woman a woman

December 29 2006

You 25 and you're still waiting for a noble prince or a knight on a white horse? You are attractive, with sense of humor and just the sheer perfection, but possibly still there. Blame for this should not's life, and tales, which were read in childhood.

Psychologists believe that fairy tale - it is not just entertaining stories. Subconsciously tales inspire us with certain settings. Sometimes we do not even understand how story subjects deeply "stuck" in my head: both are trying to re-Malvina Pinocchio, or imagining yourself sleeping princess waiting for Prince's kiss, then, as an old woman sitting with nothing ....

Highlight some of the tales:

"Scarlet Flower". On the one hand, beautiful story, teaches kindness and sacrifice. On the other hand, in our subconscious is delayed installation - the path to happiness lies through suffering, self-denial, problems. Research has shown that it is often the tale of his wife preferred alcoholics.

Little Red Riding Hood. A remarkable tale. However, some psychologists have found it the opposite effect - a child, she learns too much naivete (where have you seen Little Red Riding Hood saw jaws of the wolf, ran away, but on the contrary, began questioning why he has such big ears, teeth, etc.). If your child, you read this book to the holes, do not be surprised that you 30 and you still believe the first comer, and then it turns into a stupid situation.

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The Little Mermaid ". He has a bad fairy tale ending, but many girls dreaming to be like it was on this heroine. Every fourth dreamed of love, of course, big and clean. And indeed those girls who grew up in this tale, from a lack of love does not suffer. Unfortunately, it is not always mutual.

"Cinderella". Fell in love with a girl heroine ever learned for myself: to become happy, you need a lot and work hard. Experience shows that young Cinderella leave school with a medal, but after some time become a business-woman. As a rule, they have a model home.

"Vasilisa the Wise." A lover of fairy tales all my life have to enter into someone's position. They always give advice, support, shall comfort at the right moment. They make caring and wise mother. One caveat - sometimes husbands sit by him on the neck, carried away by slot machines, his wife being angry, and then caress. Still, the Wise!

You do not want to put up with the fate of eternal Malvina or Vasilisa? Psychologists advise again to carefully read a favorite product and try to rewrite the ending. Try, for example, from Carlson truthful reliable character who will not leave Baby in a difficult moment. Download Carlson social work and all the carelessness of a hand lift. Make an old woman of "Goldfish" itself to do anything, save her from harm and infantilism. In general, the pen in your hands.

Storyteller Tanya Trushkova

Васильева Камилла

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