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The new epidemic: dependence on sex web can ruin lives

December 29 2005

According to experts, the Network, more than any other media, generates a new kind of sexually addicted people. They are attracted by the availability, anonymity and low cost of thrills.

Daily Internet replenished with two hundred pornographic sites. Some Web users only briefly delaying his curious look at these resources, while others acquire this dependency on the Internet strawberries, thereby destroying her career and family life.

Sex addiction is not considered a mental illness. But psychologists and psychiatrists pay attention to the increasing number of cases in which men (researchers estimate that 72% of visitors to pornographic sites - men) are showing all the symptoms of disorders associated with addiction. They spend hours cruising the Net for explicit sexual sites and more and more dependent on the stimulus, making normal life, especially intimate life impossible.

Internet offers an endless variety of stimulation, but it also leads to what psychologists refer to as a "dissociated state". Staring at the screen, feeling increasingly stimulated, clicking the mouse becomes almost a form of hypnosis - a state impossible to sustain in the real world.

Usually, only a real crisis - loss of job, family conflicts, police at the door because of downloading illegal pornography - can lead the addict to treatment. An assortment of 12-step programs to aid in treatment, and therapists say that comes to them more and more people looking to get rid of this problem. Compared with the level of eroticism, they get their own intimate life fades, partners, spouses and girlfriends recede in importance.

In a study conducted by psychologist Al Cooper of Stanford, with 9,265 regular Internet users, about 6% demonstrated a fondness for cyber sex, while another 10% were classified as at risk.

How do you know that you need help
The network has a myriad of tests to help determine whether you have a problem with sexual addiction or dependency on Internet sex.

An affirmative answer to one of three basic questions gives reason to believe that a person suffers sexual addiction.

1. Do I feel that he has lost control over his sexual behavior?
2. Were there any major implications from my uncontrollable sexual behavior?
3. Whether it seems to me that constantly thinking about his uncontrollable sexual behavior, even when you do not want that?

In his book "Under the shade of a network" Patrick Carnsew writes that an affirmative answer to one of the following statements can be a symptom of the problem.

Did you know that?
Conceal sexual activity on the Internet from their families.

Led sex life on the Internet while at work.

Frequently washing journal sites visited, to conceal their activities in the network.

Felt shame at the thought of a loved one can learn about how you use the Internet.

Found that the time you spend online, does not give you to do other things.

Fell into a sort of trance online and did not notice as the hours passed.

Often in chat rooms, where they speak on topics related to sex.

eagerly awaiting the moment when the have sex on the internet and experienced irritation and anxiety, when they could not get online at the scheduled time.

Masturbated while on the Internet.

The plant in sexual chat rooms friends who became more important than family and friends in real life.

Regularly visited porn sites.

Downloaded pornography from the forums more than once.

Had a favorite porn sites.

Visited porn sites fetish more than once.

Viewed child pornography on the web.

Participated in sexual chats CuseeMe.

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