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Sex temperament depends on blood group, or as scientists have won an erection

November 28 2005

Good news for vampires and other blood-sucking monsters. It turns out that human blood has more extensive features than was previously known. Blood not only supplies the body with essential life substances, but also affects the feelings, character and behavior. This is evidenced by the joint research of psychologists and hematologists. They found that blood from a group of independent human behavior in its relations with the opposite sex.

Men with the first blood group behave like males. They need to get everything at once, so if a girl is not willing readiness to immediately jump to the male, he will pursue it until such time until you get her. But the thing if the hussar sentence, he will receive immediate acceptance, it could cool his interest in the lady. And certainly should not cry "I am yours forever!" - Will leave and not even look back. It is believed that these men are at least six times a minute, think about sex.

The second group of blood in people patient and calm. True, alone with his lover, a man may be timid. It will be a long drive darling in the movie, to follow her whims, she quietly lay a sweetie, timidly touching her knees in a cinema. Young girls see these gentlemen boring and mature women on the contrary they are to their liking.

Men with a third blood group did not win, they like to make a good impression to date and chat. Sex for them either non-binding species pleasant stay. Rejection of close relationships such men carry easily. By the way, almost 40% of U.S. millionaires - owners of the third group of blood.

The fourth group of the blood of men are suffering from mental disorders, self-doubt and indecision. But they have the talent to charm until he lost consciousness, nothing is not doing. However, as soon as they fall in love with themselves, they have not sweet in a sea of emotions. A strong feeling for these people - a tool to get rid of the contradictions and become a solid, open up their true nature.

Great curiosity cause rare abnormalities, leading to a prolonged erection. In the first case, called priapism, an erection does not stop, usually becoming more and more painful. In 40% of cases the patient suffers any apparent disease that affects the circulatory system of the penis (such as anemia from sickle red blood cells), or the act of infection, trauma, leukemia, spinal injuries or the result of taking cocaine.

The remaining 60% of cases occur in healthy men, often after prolonged sexual stimulation. Most experts are convinced that such a prolonged erection is caused by obstructed venous outflow of blood that leads to the accumulation and an increase in blood viscosity in the cavernous bodies.

Priapism requires urgent action - in a few days scarring and fibrosis (formation of fibrous tissue), which began inside the penis, lead to impotence. Erection can weaken the powerful sedatives, followed by ice enemas.

The second reason for the abnormal erection is the so-called "Peyronie's disease." It strikes people in middle-aged and older and develops more slowly than the priapism.

An erection is painful and erect penis is bent, and sometimes at such an angle that sexual intercourse is impossible.

Approximately 50% of Peyronie's disease goes away on its own.

img hspace = "10" src = "/ img/7745.jpeg" align = "right" border = "1" /> While some scientists have dealt with blood, others win an erection, others researchers have shown that falling in love in the body secretes hormones "emergencies" adrenaline, with love - the hormone "blessed happiness" endorphins. Love - a painful condition in which the accelerated metabolic processes. Usually - this time the most crazy sex. This state lasts from one to three months, after which the love go away or turn into love. And here is unpleasant, the person has a sense of stability, prosperity, and he begins to gain weight.

As we know, opera singers occupational diseases associated with the endocrine system. They have to sing from the stomach, which violates the hormonal balance, and they are gaining weight. A living example - Luciano Pavarotti and Montserrat Caballe

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