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8 ways how to break off relations with a partner

December 27 2005

Decided to part with a man who had been together a long time, but do not know how best to do this?

There are many different ways how to end the relationship. It all depends on what you want - a clean break with the person or to remain "friends with privileges." Below are 8 ways, as you can tell a person with whom you are going to leave:

1. "In our relations with the spark was gone." This is the most direct and honest way. At this point it can not be helped. Hearing such a phrase, a man realizes that he will no longer interesting.

2. "I can not give you the attention that you deserve." This phrase means that a person you do not like, and perhaps never liked him.

3. "I'm not ready to marry." This phrase is usually first places people at an impasse. However, after some thought, he begins to realize that your relationship eventually came to nothing lead, and, therefore, no reason to continue.

4. "We have different interests." If you say so, then the "different interests" can immediately understand, "I am interested in other people."

5. "I am looking for a job in another city (you probably have to leave me)." It does not matter what people answer to you on this, but the first step you have already made.

6. "I still love your ex girlfriend / boyfriend." This way of acting is always true. If you tell the person that you just do not like it, but like someone else, then the 99% that he will tell you the same. And that you should be.

7. "We had a great time with you, and we will have many more such moments, but the next few weeks I've been very busy, so we have not seen for some time." It is unlikely that anyone will like to hear what you have better things to do than communicate with him or her.

8. You can also just do not respond to calls, messages and emails. It will take some time, and the person from whom you want to get off, stop looking for opportunities to contact you.

In any case, no matter which method you choose, remember that the person you want to quit, it will be very hard to hear you say those words, so try to choose the most appropriate moment and the most mild form.

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