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Sex guide. How to lure in different countries?

August 27 2005

Spain. Sexology believe that the most affordable - is the Spanish, their nature has endowed irrepressible temperament and habit to pursue the object of his passion.

According to the survey, nine out of ten senoritas first acquainted with men and just hang them on the neck. But the annoying Spanish cavaliers very persuasive in their courtship. If he "put on your eye, then, will seek all the tricks, and eventually will starve.

The most important thing for the Spaniards - it's a closer look in his eyes. They are regarded as an expression of interest, confidence and sexual desire. Men are experts and know how to "shoot through the eyes of" no worse than women. For the recognition of every fifth inhabitant of Spain, without looking "eye to eye," a romantic relationship is simply impossible.

Hot-tempered residents also have Cuba, Mexico and Brazil.

Japan. But the Japanese prefer to seduce, easy soldering elect or chosen one. By the way, it reflects a global trend. More than half of all respondents considered an alcoholic evening conversation on the souls as the fastest means of rapprochement.

Beer rapprochement - a long tradition in Germany and the Czech Republic. A few beers, tasty sausages and greasy jokes interspersed with explicit allusions - and the object of desire entirely yours.

Portugal. Of all the rules, as we know, there are exceptions. The Portuguese, in spite of all of Europe, proved to be the most "sober" lovers, only one in seven of them recognized the valid use of a small amount of alcohol during the seduction.

The most amazing thing in the research of scientists - sexologists that more than half of the subjects from different countries to recognize that they can seduce "quite ugly people", under the condition that it will apply to the conquest of good practices and be able to interest them.

Norway. The most picky Norwegians were: seven out of ten representatives of the adult population can not wait to surrender and succumb to "technologically literate temptation."

England. The British are ready to love, always and everywhere. In England, the largest number of prostitutes. Most of the ladies of easy virtue, and their account runs into tens of thousands, not officially registered and are not to representatives of the oldest profession.

For the "official" women of easy virtue have certain rules of conduct. For example, prostitutes are allowed to ogle, to demonstrate its "bodily" charm and professional "skills" - no closer than 3 feet and 5 inches to a potential client.

Also prohibited from grabbing potential customers' hands and other organs and to pull themselves without their "informed, sober mind and memory, reconciliation." All these formal twists should not confuse you, and be, for example, in London, feel free to follow the world famous Soho district, where all your dreams come true will be executed at the highest professional level. Soho is full of lots of erotic theater, live sex shows and, of course, the famous «flats», in which the clock duty prostitute for every taste and temperament.

It is curious that Saturday night in London and fetishists flagellant belongs - in the capital are thousands of case «party», ads can be found in city newspapers and in telephone booths. Over the past ten years this trend has become almost a fundamental, which led to the appearance of many clubs, societies and sects of different sexual orientation.

France - a country of romance and true gentlemen.The French adore gifts, prefer to give flowers and chocolates, go to the galleries, linger in cafes, picnics in the parks. Frenchwoman can not seduce a couple of hours at least, it should spend the whole day and impress her.

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