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Watch for details! How to create within her a sense of comfort

May 26 2005

So, last time we talked about how to begin to look for the girl . We will assume that you did everything professionally, and the result ... But what else could be the result, if you are guided by our councils? - Your courtship gladly accepted and you have more than a week together. Today let's talk about how to make your alliance psychologically more comfortable for her. Heed.

We (or rather, them girls), the problem is that they tend to pay attention to small details. This is certainly not their only shortcoming. In my opinion, the female issue is women's logic. But this objective is useless to fight evil, is either to accept it as a grim reality, or, alternatively, be an old bachelor or gay. Since neither one nor the other does not suit you, go back to the topic of small details.

We, the young men, it seems that in such global matters as love, not to the smallest detail, we believe that our attitude to their favorite shows into something big, fundamental. This is so. And they are, if not blind, see everything, and sometimes even valued. And still stubbornly can not ignore the little things. What?

Well, for example, you somewhere to go along, hasten or vice versa - leisurely stroll. Take her hand and no longer available. Trifle? Agreed. But how much she meant to them unreasonable, then ... Hand in hand gives her a warm feeling of total microcosm, "the station for two". And if you become from time to time, squeezing her hand tighter, the evening for it to be lived not in vain.

Compliments. Clearly, you are emotional and sentimental guy, and together you are not years and decades, so you talk to her quite a lot of compliments itself on autopilot. First, do not overdo it. Do not be too pathetic, does not communicate with her in verse. You're it this quickly enough torment, compliments stop perceived as a compliment, and eventually it will have a persistent allergy - the beginning on your compliments, then at you. However, compliments will still be a lot. What? Again, pay attention to detail. Saw her in her new dress - a compliment about how awesome she looks in it. Her weary face - say that the easy fatigue suits her. Drunk - say that in this state, it opens additional charms. And so on.

About the same character should be your cue related to it directly. Here you briefly parted. When you call it - not painting, like you, longing for the fuss her head against the walls, furniture and drain the tank. Tell me something like: "I miss the smell of your lipstick ..." Ie whether the original, it can not not like.

Be a gentleman. It is not necessary to give a face to everyone who delayed look at the neckline of her dress, rather, a boyish tired her as fast as high-flown compliments. But the car door in front of it to open at all times. And move up a chair back, and throw his jacket on the velvet of its shoulders, if the evening cool. And why do not learn to cook a couple of her favorite dishes? Okay, two - it is beyond the potential, I agree, man himself. But one thing - it's real. What she loves, you can easily find a joint outing to the hot spot. Then buy a cookbook, and kill for this unmanly thing a single evening. I swear, she will appreciate.

Like any normal guy, you can not live without a bachelor. Like any normal girl, she can not understand that without the happenings in a purely male company or one full man does not survive (and inferior to it are not needed).And of course, you and your friends a tacit agreement not invited to these drinking the fair sex. All true, but once a year can make an exception, and friends will understand. And she will be flattered and exotic chat in the men's team, your army imbued with humor, the only girl to stay warm in a drunken mob.

Let's go somewhere together. Not necessarily a vacation far away. Periodically travel to neighboring regional centers, too bad. First, see new places never hurts. Second, any trip is a little adventure, even if you ride the tour bus or commuter train. The adventure is already in the changing landscape. These little things and pull together and create a feeling in her heart that she is in good hands.

A trifle, and she was pleased.


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