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"You do not mind sitting with me today in a bar?" How do I start to care for an unfamiliar girl

May 24 2005

Standard, even a routine situation: it is you like, you want to invite her somewhere fun. And start to care. How "right" to invite? How to get a positive response? Read.

To begin relax. So what, you almost do not know her? " The key to a positive answer - in your self-control . You are almost guaranteed to say "no" if your voice trembles, his eyes shyly potupleny the floor. Chance of success may be hard only if your idea of "sit anywhere" sounds quiet and humdrum. In fact, what this incredible you ask her to worry? All fit into the norm. Moreover, she was in any case, glad that she won and the attention and location. Experts argue that in this situation your success by only 7 per cent dependent on expressions that you picked, and 93 per cent - from the tone in which they uttered. So do not be nervous. This is the first.

Now about the terms . Keep it simple. Say: "You know, I have the impression that you're alone. And one what a coincidence - me too. Come sit at the bar tonight. There is one nearby, there comfortably. "Well?" And, no reverence. Thesis on her (and her) alone, you marked the strategic goal. And without the "lyrical digressions," began courtship - in fact a proposal to spend time in the bar is already wooing, agreed?

However, it immediately should understand that in case the answer is not you gonna run to the nearest pond and drown. No so no, not deadly. Incidentally, it is now in a rather complex psychological situation. After all, you're practically strangers. It should be a few seconds to decide - I would like her to have a boyfriend or not. You took the initiative, but now, unfortunately, everything in it - not your - hands.

By the way, who said that it is imperative to start with an invitation to a bar? It makes sense to start to hold artillery preparation. "Look, here's looking at you and the soul rejoices: what a beautiful girl! Want to close you know. Let's exchange e-mail address. This is also a way to start to care. Internet communication in the early stages of relations is particularly useful if you can not overcome his natural shyness. At ease when communicating by email with the object of his romantic interest, you can create the necessary psychological background, appeared before her in a favorable light, to learn about it more, and most importantly - to the point where you invite her to a bar, you are not going well shamefully embarrassed. You have to some extent already "own people".

The same goes for the phone. "Listen, I would like to explore with you, even make love. Let's exchange phone numbers and agree, when I call you. " Flirting on the phone, of course, psychologically complex than flirting via email. As a minimum, because what happens in real time. At the same time, it's easier than if you had started with the bar. By the way, the girls are too shy. And if you still did not render her favors, the proposal shall sit at the bar for her and let the sounds nice, but in any case unexpectedly. She may refuse to "fear". Then, of course, sorry, but you never know about it. Situation when, after refusing to apply it to you with a playful suggestion is almost unreal. And e-mail or telephone - please, this is hardly a non-binding.

And there is one fundamental thing. It is unknown how far your relationship will evolve, but at the outset whether "driving". What does this mean? Nothing complicated: to manage the situation. Manage the situation does not mean being a dictator.But your self-control, composure, desire (and ability) to control the course of events it is guaranteed to enjoy it. You're invited her to sit at the bar? Fine. Now a moment when everything depends on it, and nothing here to change. She said "good"? Wonderful. From this moment you komanduesh parade. I wish you and her have a good time.


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