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Passionate tigress, a tireless lover, and other tales about sex

December 22 2005

Sex, sexuality, perhaps, an urgent and eye-catching theme. "Men" and "women's magazines are full of" sexy "titles. Various smart people speculate about how to make a partner "good." But in many ways, these publications are similar to each other and often produce the same type recommendations. On the basis of their fold and myths about sex.

The first and most important of them - about sexual obsession men.

"Every man - male. And they think only about sex. I told him about the salary, and he - of bed, I told him about my hard life, and he - of bed, I told him about not issued a bin, and it again .. . '(People's female legends)

It turns out that if the thoughts of men are flowing only in an erotic vein, the woman's head must be filled thoughts about how to translate these aspirations of his companion in life. However, according to scientists, in fact, the male part of humanity very keen on having sex only during the period from thirteen to thirty years. Later, they simply maintain the image ....

In fact, according to many men, "real man" - is primarily an indefatigable lover. Well, if he became tired, we all - in front of him looming prospect of release in the circulation.

Consider a situation: between "them" and "her" a difference of 10-12 years, with "her" slightly over 30. Armed with knowledge about the sexual obsessions of men, it behaves better than sex. Playing through the eyes and limbs, and is frivolous in his lap. What's the result? He disappears with his hand and heart.

Why? She blames her lack of attractiveness and sex appeal. And he's just scared of his insolvency in bed. He was already a few years like a healthy daily sleep and sex only once a week.

But admit it? Yes No way!
But men and women fairly is not the same in their age dips and peaks of sexuality. And when a woman is only beginning to enter into the taste of stormy love games, the man often wants to have the quiet joys of home.

The second myth - about the sexual power of women

"And there are women that get up to in bed some incredible things, and certainly if a man came to her, it will never go away." (People's female legends)

After hearing stories about the extraordinary mistresses, many quite clever women coated with honey, or worse, cream, sprinkled with this sticky mass of flower petals, tie a silk cords to the back of the bed .... But it turns out that this sort of sexual tigress most and go man! And yet - if this myth was a reality, many of the powers would only marry a Japanese geisha, or Thai prostitutes. But they choose ordinary women.

Generally, if you look around, and the naked eye can detect that the sexiest, according to the men and women in the same way as others suffer from variability remain lonely cry in the night ...

There are other myths.

The most stable and deleterious. Sex - is only the physiology and physiology. Therefore, virtually impossible to convince some of the subjects that sex is not the use of vyzubrennyh poses "Kama Sutra", and much more.

Sex - is for boys, and love - for the girls.
a lot this setup gives parents in childhood. Mom and dad very often say the boy burst into tears: "What are you crying?" You boy! "Feelings and emotions - it's for girls! You're a girl, you should be passive, waiting for her prince."

Men who have more than the genitals, are more successful in sex and have an advantage over other men. The roots of this belief generally hidden away in antiquity. It was then that a phallus were treated as a symbol of aggression, power and domination.

Examples of other myths about sex led English expert on sex Petra Boyton in an interview with The Guardian.

1. Women are less infest the spectacle of a naked man.
2. More than 40% of women experience sexual dysfunction.
3. A woman from birth knows how to bring another woman.
4. Their sexual peak women reach for 40 years.
5. Laski and penetrative sex - two different concepts.
6. Female arousal - a complex phenomenon, while men get turned instantly.
7. If a woman wants to partner did something nice, just need to moan when he does it right, and you never want to show or talk about it.
8. In order to arouse a woman takes about 20 minutes.

Well, there are all listed among your "persistent persuasion"? If there is - threw them out of my head. Do not hammer its various nonsense!

On materials: "", "Tomorrow", "".

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Maria Pavlikova

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