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What do men and women: marriage, love, bed

April 22 2011

What do men and women: marriage, love, bed. 16517.jpeg In the poll found that men are significantly more women like variety in my bed and because often change partners. If you do not want her husband to alter, add to your love life more fire!

Renowned American psychologist evolutionist David Schmitt decided to conduct its own independent study, what really want men and women. Under his leadership, conducted a survey of 16 288 volunteers of various social status and sexual orientation from 50 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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As a result, it became clear that the men each month, want to join in intimate relations with new partners, almost 2 times more often than women. In this case, a strong half year plans to have nearly three times more sexual relations than their companions. It is interesting that men are also more women were willing to have sex with new acquaintances, knowing their very short time.

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Schmidt for his research confirms the well-known theory that the origins of male polygamy has its origins in the prehistoric period, when the tribes of hunters and gatherers in his representative were more likely to transmit their genes to future generations, if he preferred to sexual diversity. Women, in turn, it was easier to raise offspring, if she was holding on to one man and kept his faith.

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Despite the fact that the yard we have twenty-first century, and the general cultural level commensurate with the prehistoric mankind, men still want more good things and a different sex than women, and continue to walk "left", explaining his behavior is a convenient theory of "transfer genes. " The conclusion is clear: if you want to avoid betrayal, the monotony of marital sex should be avoided, simply put, every time you need to tuck her husband with another woman. Business for small: "How is it done?"

Famous American sexologist Alfred Johnson described the 600 ways to foreplay and 724 types of sex acts, which told of his patients, and about 1,253 sexual positions described in the Kama Sutra and say nothing (though there will have to work out). So turn the fantasy and do not say that sex is nothing new.

Many men admit that they love sexy surprises. Unexpected suggestions or hints to make love to them are very exciting. Ways to hint at a great variety: from the messages messages to mobile phones "Baby Mama's children, I take a bath and think about you", before an unexpected home environment when he returns from work (dinner, candles, music and video about love ). By the way, sometimes a good idea to replace the traditional meeting her husband immediately have sex in the corridor (of course, if the apartment is no one else!).

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Use a well-known male love to erotic images.Take a few of their boldest shots, quietly put in his pocket and wait for a response. Joint photo and video - the dream of many men. On the issue of psychologists' Why are they like? " they are uncomplicated answer "And to watch." First of all, they love to play photographer and director, and second, they really like to see the process from the sidelines.

Home erotic massage session will not only relieve stress, but also increase the sensibility of your relationship. Aromatic oils, moisturizing and stimulating creams and gels, a variety of items for new tactile sensations - feathers, fur, leather, fruit, sweets, silk sheets - all this will add new colors to the intimate life.

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Play games. None that do not vary the sex, as the new scenario, where you can switch roles, portraying their fantasies. Sexual games are often recommended for treatment of neurosis arising due to problems in intimate life.

Suppose the wife ceased to be attracted, or the excitement of her husband. She was invited to play a passionate woman - to moan, cry, caress herself and him, and as a result, it may well enter into a role that actually starts to feel pleasure. Thus, through the game you can overcome many of the sexual complexes.

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Giving each other presents with a sexual allusion, recalled his desire, wear erotic lingerie, not only of intimacy, and wear it constantly and forget about the pajamas and nightgowns like "Farewell, my youth." Touch each other, dance, talk, after all communication - is a prelude to sex, which is no less important.

Maria Pavlikova

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