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Select relationship: a stamp in your passport or a civil marriage?

February 19 2007

There is no doubt that such a thing as civil marriage, our lives have entered men. Being almost married or almost married very convenient. No need to run every day for a date and snatch time for sex.

Women need stability in all, and even more so, the stability in the relationship. For women, the official status is more important than for men. "Civil wife" is often perceived others simply as "mistress", but "a civilian husband" still remains "free and celibate" almost fiance. In order to keep a loved one nearby, we are ready to agree with everyone, including the cohabitation without any conditions and obligations. And that is what most often involves a civil marriage.

This kind of relationship best fits a self-sufficient people who value their freedom, those who do not wish yet to take responsibility, to create a family, acquire offspring. The main civil marriage - that both partners share this opinion. By the way, psychologists estimate that the pair spent several years in a civil marriage, arguing much more often than the official wife. And not only that the man is behaving inappropriately. The woman, dissatisfied with their status, without apparent reason provokes conflict and begin a protracted showdown.

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Born in a civil marriage in the Netherlands in XVI century. People of different faiths could not marry and legitimize the power of such unions. Today, all the contrary - the authorities unexecuted marriage, even after the wedding, is civil.

Civil marriage is practiced in the West long ago. Such relations have recently started and we have to be popular. More and more couples consider that before the registry offices need to live together, look, try on a future spouse.

In a civil marriage there are pluses. First and foremost, freedom - psychiatric and documentary, the extension Romantic period, the ability to easily leave. On the other hand, civil marriage is under a severe pitfalls. Such a marriage is not recognized by law, in the case of divorce, cohabitants have no legal rights to joint property. For example, if the common-law wife not working, and ran the household, after parting with the "husband", she may be on the street. The motto of civil marriage: what has come - and so left! As a rule, men in the "divorce" does not suffer. They earn money, they issued a joint ownership, housing, etc. No wonder they both advocate the freedom of stamps!

Cohabitation in Western countries - the legal notion. In France, for example, cohabitants may enter into Civil Solidarity Pact, which specifies the property relations. In America, women caught in such a situation may sue for recognition of cohabitation marriage. Demonstrated a long-term cohabitation appearance together in public, sexual relations, she gets right to the lawful wife. In the Dominican Republic, where people have lived together for more than 4 years, they have the right to joint property as a wife.

And as with civil marriage is the case with us? Civilian "spouse" in Russia does not even have the right to conclude a marriage contract.

if the civilian spouse has something to share in the event of separation, it should take care of it beforehand. Council lawyers maintain detailed accounting, record all costs of purchase. Total assets better way to register a share or joint ownership. Otherwise, to prove their rights to property at parting, most likely, will not succeed. No such suit in Russian court has not yet won, although attempts have been.

Probably every woman dreams of a marriage proposal, a wedding, flowers and magical honeymoon, particularly if her life before it was not. A few tips for those who want a civil wife become official. Define the start your chances of winning.

You have been living together for less than four years.
From the perspective of psychologists, this situation is most advantageous. The first love is still alive, and the first time, "lapping" safely behind you, thus proving that there may well be on the same territory. You can safely proceed to the processing of civil registration for the spouse relationship. The most opportune moment: a man realizes that he has found his one and only realized that to live together quite comfortably, while not lost romantic mood. You have all chances to become his wife!

You live more than four years and you have no children.
Psychologists believe that at this period begins on the first disappointment and recognition of each other "real world". With eyes fall rose-colored glasses, and you see the wife in all its glory. Women are generally more sober take the world, still want to marry. With men it's different. In this "period" you will have a much more difficult to persuade her husband to issue civil marriage. He has lived with you and has everything he wants - his girlfriend near, developed her life and ... clean passport. It now begins the eternal debate on the topic: "Honey, what you give it a stamp?" For the sake of a stamp in your passport, you will have to sweat.

You live a long time and you have kids.
Tips, you are, in principle, no longer needed. This is your conscious choice, and certainly you have agreed with her husband, that "stamp does not give anything." The woman in this "term" convinces himself of the benefits of free marriage and even tries to promote. It is a kind of defensive reaction of the psyche. Due to the lack of willingness on both sides - a chance to create a formal marriage virtually no.

To be completed.

Tatiana Trushkova


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