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Exam for the boyfriend. Why are they satisfied with it?

April 18 2011

Exam for the boyfriend. Why are they satisfied with it?. 16473.jpeg At the beginning of a relationship girl ustaivayte her partner checks for lice. She will certainly need to know how she can control your overall body movements, and how much you give in - or can not be - its control. Why do it? Philosophical question. Women act on intuition. However, this is not the only cause of various "tests".

The paradox is that, abandoning all efforts to ensure that meet its requirements, you are almost guaranteed to fail its test. This, of course, unfair: you try, you behaved like a gentleman, you're trying to win her, to meet the whims and eventually went to the standard direction. Sound familiar? Our combat and not very martial girlfriends partly justifies that by their nefarious tests they want as quickly as possible to find out your strengths and weaknesses, because he did not expect that you yourself about them honestly tell one of the first meetings.

Attractive girl, usually around a dozen who want cultural rest. To make the right choices it must make a kind of exam candidates - how else? In addition, if you kleishsya not to frog and a princess, we must remember: beautiful women like men with a strong and firm character. Manifested itself in this sense as soon as possible and avoid the exam. For example, the message to move the meeting say, without hesitation: "Yes, interesting ... I actually had other plans for the evening, I had them reversed. We have a good start. Thank you for the lost evening.

But this particular case, but generally speaking, sometimes they are testing us do not even consciously, but unconsciously, on autopilot. Tests they need to quickly analyze your qualities in the first place, such as the willingness or unwillingness to become her doormat.

And the next time you ask a pretty girl to make happy you her phone number, and in return you will hear a proposal to bestow her own, firmly say something like: "No, because it will not work. I need your phone. I undertake to bother you 25 times a day to as long as you do not despair and do not decide to change the number. " And in the eyes to see the value.

A normal girl, no matter how beautiful and pretentious it was not, then should calm down and more with these games you do not meditate. Besides, if it is not a complete idiot, before it reaches the test - conducted consciously or reflex - you noticed. And you are deeply distasteful to him the fact. In fact - well who she is, that when the first-second meeting to act as your examiner? ..

Well, if you are rested with arms akimbo: "Why should I give you my phone? Do you want to communicate - let her! ", Then watch yourself, pal ... Quite possibly, in front of you a representative of one of the most intolerable of women's psychological types. What?

We agree to immediately: the number of perverts who like girls "cockroaches" or just plain bitch, you're not. Although there are amateurs. Among them there are nature frankly paranoiac who are afraid of everyone and everything. They are, in principle, would not mind having some fun, but ... What if he ... In any case it would be good ... Well, in general, as you say ... I've been conceived move, so ... In short, better you give me your phone ...

- No, dear, you went to the forest. Me with people like you, not on the road. Goodbye.

There is also a pathological winner ...In fact, we men are not averse to assign women to go to meet from time to time to indulge their whims, disagree? But if she herself is a kind, soft, gentle. And if - the girl with the nature or general, and does in a skirt, the vital goal which is to dominate, and in large and small will certainly seek some? If donors and the kitchen and bed, and a park bench turned into a boxing ring, so that always come out the winner, and through this assert? This yield - zapadlo. And that means, and not the woman she is, drive it. After all, why she put her over the phone? Because it said: "It will be so, and in response I heard:" No, it will be different. " And instinctively jumped into the fray.

Finally, upryamitsa may simply be "broken lives." Say, before I met you, she fell into the clutches of a tyrant's family, who for the sake of satisfying their passions foul liked to ride her horse and preferably uphill. And it is because of the objective-subjective circumstances (eg, love or some passion), this mess was suffering unnecessarily long. And your insistence on such a trifling really matter, as the phone number, takes a grim warning: before her next satrap. You know, Let's go you and this, too. Otherwise you have to take the rap for someone else's sins and hard to convince her that you're not a camel. Do you really need it?

In all three recent cases, it is, strictly speaking, is not about the exam, the girl who consciously unconsciously arrange boyfriend. But we started talking just to him. Treat him philosophically and behave properly.

In the end, her desire you proekzamenovat says what? Quite right - that she came to you of interest. Forward!

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