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Men's secrets are not for women's ears

April 18 2011

Men's secrets are not for women's ears. 16458.jpeg All familiar with the phrase "the girls their secrets." This stereotype is so deeply stuck in the mass consciousness that he was not trying to analyze. Just to say that men too are entitled to their secrets from the girls. You certainly do not Rzhevskii lieutenant, but surely, and in your closet with the skeletons, there's the fact that the first time "would not understand, sir."

You won her attention, then location, then my sincere sympathy, heart, and finally it all. Should not be the first morning to put her on notice that at the same time with her you were intrigued by another three or four of the fairer sex, and now that goal is reached, you stop them interested. It is likely, it was. You - an honest boy, what is more, you want to flatter her! And at the same time declare their monogamy. Good thing, but - the conductor, hit the brakes. Firstly, it is unlikely she will be glad of the fact that, hitting her, you were somebody else at least intrigued (although, again, in most cases it is true).

There is one more nuance. Many, oh, many girls who are at the stage of courtship and kind and sweet, almost becoming "our laws", take out from under the sofa broom, which, as it turns out, fly quite masterly. The sooner this happens, "tearing off masks, so for us, the boys better. Therefore, having won "more than location," this beauty, at once do not stop flirting with other objects. Who knows, maybe after a week in your heart there ineradicable desire to escape from a new passion for the edge of the galaxy. Then come back to the other "options".

The second secret is the state of your wallet. As your relationship develops, it is naturally no longer be secret. But to force things not worth it. This advice is addressed not only the young and talented pros from Yukos or idler-by-grandchildren Vekselberg. Rather the contrary. Fool it is clear that immediately declare their creditworthiness stupid. But cry on poverty in the first morning, no less silly, even if it's true. You can take a classic "poor Jews", who immediately rush to declare that his pocket is his and only his pocket, and you have not looked into it, baby. Warn against the temptation, so to speak. It is very cheap and demeaning for a girl.

Boys, in any case, many of the boys like to rummage in the Internet and enjoy the galleries adults. Girls, in any case, many of the girls know it. And, nevertheless, anticipating a situation in which passion will remain alone in your walls (for example, you ran into a convenience store for another bottle of champagne and orange), done with computer necessary technical work. Let out your favorite for her fall collection of paintings by European artists of the Renaissance, and not something that you poke into the nose every night until dawn ...

Around the same group of Secrets is a bitter fact of your frequent visits to strip clubs. And also some not quite "everyday" intimate inclinations. What are we? Yes, nothing special. Such things are for everyone. Lieutenant Rzhevskii, for example, liked to make love on the chandelier and on the slippery piano. You're certainly not his eagle flight, but surely, and in your "visions" of the best forms of intimacy is something that the first time "would not understand, sir."

Over time, once again, you are a friend of a friend "all know".If you are normal, caring and not selfish, learn how to skillfully fulfill all the desires of each other, it's the same thing as lapping characters. But now, the first day-two-three-four, Hold your their deepest fantasies. The other extreme - the fear that you will be suspected of something avant-garde, and as a consequence - stiffness, tightness. So, too, will not do. And it is very foolish to try to appear in the eyes of new love, a sort of porno-old. This is childishness.

Do not talk about your ex. Once again: if your relationship will spill over into something serious, it is about them and so know (and you know about her ex). Just do not force things. Otherwise it might get the impression that you are Don Juan, or a womanizer, "henpecked", which even in the embrace of the new passions can not get out from under hypnosis former relations. And absolutely no good blurt out something like: "Hey, could you ... I remember that we are with N. tried, I like it ... "Incidentally, this applies not only intima!

Psychological nuances of relationships, the experience of living with different people, the nature of conflict, the technique out of the conflict and others - all of this invaluable experience, and he will definitely come in handy in your new novel! Just not worth talking about it. Especially at the current stage.

By the way, must agree - a great stage? Before you open a new man, new world in new and unique nuances, shades, riddles. May be ahead - the crisis, tragedy, pain, disappointment or simply a dead end and the inevitable break. And maybe you will have grandchildren, and this week, the very first, you'll both be remembered with a touching, nostalgic smile. Good luck!

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