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Stray bird of happiness. Choosing a contraceptive, which takes into account the age and temperament

August 17 2005

Of course, kids - it's flowers. And well they would grow not stray weeds and lush cultivated plants, planted at the right time to landscaped beds, which lovingly cultivates a caring mother. And before you know, and happy father udobrenitse will throw ... In short, the proper procreation - is family planning, which is very much possible in our comfortable civilized world. So ...

1.Ty married or you have a steady partner, but the children still do not think.
"Mom says, the pills get fat!" - Confidently dismisses suggestions you timid lover, and he dutifully puffing, pulling the good old condom on the most precious thing he has. And you already shuddering, anticipating how stuck in you something rubber, so a little reminiscent of a real man's body ... Is it worth it so fun of each other? Rubber friends often tear or slip off, and potassium permanganate douche dry tender flesh. And the dubious pleasure of it - everyday love in a condom or a sprinter runs naked from the bed of passion in the bathroom. Intrauterine device you put too early - to leave this beauty for a time after birth. In the meantime, just for you, there are reliable and completely secure pills. But do not forget that unlike condoms from infections they protect.

Mini-pill contains a microdose progestogens. Their effectiveness is somewhat lower than the combined drugs, but side effects is much smaller, since they act only on the endometrium of the uterus. These are drugs like Kontinuin and Eksklyuton. Drink and Enjoy: no harm no shape or health, they will not do. Just do not forget to take them every day at the same time.

Three-phase products contain one tablet pack of three kinds and colors. In these variables doses of estrogens and progestogens mimic the fluctuations in hormone levels during normal menstrual cycle. Such funds do not violate the metabolism. Their name is usually present "troika" - Trikvilar, Triregol, Tri-merci. Also an excellent choice for young nulliparous body.

2. You - a nursing mother, which is not alien to carnal pleasures.
"While breast-feeding - baby will not" - insists it is instructive all-knowing friend. It would be desirable, of course, believe them and relax, but ... Look at moms strolling with babies, is the weather. They probably think so too - and here's the result.

It is believed that when a baby sucks the mother's breast, the mother's brain receives signals that prevent the release of hormones necessary for pregnancy. But this mechanism is often crashes, and the insidious egg and strives to mature before menarche occurs. So that if anything do not be surprised if the next regularly scheduled gynecologist discovers you have 3-month pregnancy. Well, sounds interesting? Not really? Then start taking the mini-pill or tablet containing pure gestagens. "Malyshkin dining" they do not hurt, since the quantity and quality of milk is not affected. Your pills - Mikrolyut, Eksklyuton, Cherozetta. They can be taken even before the first period. Although the first 2 months after giving birth so fortunate, who doctors had been allowed to love, to protect themselves better than condoms .

But the usual biphasic contraceptive pill can proceed only when absolutely take away the baby from the breast.

3. The child is in the next five years you would not mind to give birth to the second.
of spiral experiment should not be - why introduce a foreign body in the womb, if not today then tomorrow will still give birth? In addition, there is a risk of inflammation or even pregnancy, which, alas, have to interrupt. Better to use oral contraceptives. They are reliable in all one hundred, have no effect on the liver and carbohydrate metabolism, they are not fattening, as it was before. They are even useful to take: reduced risk of benign breast disease, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, ectopic pregnancy, and inflammation, often leading to infertility. After a couple of months you will notice that the critical days carried much easier (they will become shorter and less painfully), and even forget about the terrible words "premenstrual syndrome".

But they must choose carefully and strictly "to measure" your body. Firstly, considering estrogen (the main female hormones). Hand over analysis at the level of their contents in the blood, or try to determine its type at least the external signs (do this see below). Their number depends on appearance and behavior, and even sexual appetites. If a lot of estrogen, choose Silest, Logest, Mikroginon, ovidon's. If their level within the normal range - Rigevidon, Mersilon, Novinet, Trikvilar and other three-phase preparations.

Is of great importance and the level of other hormones in the body - of progestogens and androgens. At their best to take plenty of drugs containing antiandrogenic component: Janine, Diane 35.

Consider estrogen
If the amount of estrogen is large, you have a stubborn temper, and you think about sex almost around the clock. Going through life with vigor and usually has good organizational skills. Additional features: feminine youthful appearance, magnificent breasts, a deep, very "feminine" voice, dry skin and hair, relatively small increases. Menstrual cycle in a sultry "estrogenic" Ladies lasts more than 28 days, the critical period - a minimum of 5, and before it starts, it undergoes stress. Between periods are often abundant leucorrhoea.

Lack of estrogen can be suspected in the eternal teenage girl with an infantile appearance, undeveloped "flat" chest, a thin, parchment skin type, high overtones of the poor a voice and an immoderate crying before menstruation. Falls in love with this "Snow Maiden" with difficulty, but for many years remains faithful to his only love (sometimes purely platonic). In fact the one to blame its loss of libido. The duration of the cycle may be less than 28 days and more than 1 - 3 months, and the duration of menses, by contrast, is low: sometimes less than 2 days.

The average level of estrogen creates a balanced type. If only you in moderation - feminine appearance and voice, medium-sized round breasts, velvety skin - hence, not particularly worry about. Surely, you do not know what premenstrual syndrome is not doing the cult of sex, although not to deny itself the pleasure of this very useful.

Sometimes the body "running the show" and other sex hormones - progestins and androgens. This is easily determined by "boyish" body type with medium or high growth, low voice, tiny flat chest, oily hair and skin, tendency to acne. Before menstruation is often a tendency to depression.

Intriguing? Read on: "Pleasure from pain: fly in the ointment in a vat of sex ..." and choose - all about love and a healthy sex


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