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Express analysis of a kiss. Compatibility Test

June 17 2011

Not every kiss ends bed. In addition to the erotic and the psychological aspect of a kiss is very important aspect of biology. American sexologists from the University of Oklahoma say that kissing a man, a woman holds her own brief analysis of his "aptitude", and the first kiss a couple depends on how long they will be together.

There are (or even often) occasions when they show the incompatibility of the people. This probably is the most important task of a secret kiss. The two may have interest in each other and even the warmest sympathy, and they are happy together. But the first kiss will show that there is no passion, there is only a warm friendship. And sometimes the very first touch of the lips causes a paradoxical reaction - cold, even hostility. That such a reaction will follow, if a man and a woman, matching each other in all respects, a physiologically compatible.

Not surprisingly, women are so much attention is paid to the first kiss. In addition to the erotic and the psychological aspect, they kiss in a very important aspect of biology. By and large, kissing a man, a woman is holding its own rapid analysis.

How clever is noticed in one of the publications on the same topic - a woman at the time of the kiss, with its on-board computer calculates the body temperature of men, takes a sample of saliva on the pH, measures his pulse and carefully studying his hormonal system, which receives data from the saliva and his smell. In the end, clever counting device gives woman the answer: whether it is suitable, this individual male as the successor of the human race, or her mother is worried, and go home ...

Therefore, first kisses are a major factor in the development of relations, perhaps even more important than the first experience of sex. By the way, how exactly do you kiss tells a lot about you at all, as well as your mood at the moment.

Kiss carries a wide variety of sexual signals. Well, firstly, the concentration of "pheromones" in the proceeds from the smell you can already tell a lot about the state of your sexuality in this savory moment.

Further, if your lips tightly compressed, it shows an unwillingness to continue the game. If they are opened and passed inside, then your partner can only accept the invitation, because it means - act boldly! If the language is moving toward a partner, it says it explicitly desired, especially if it is in this tense. Soft, just slipping away, the language may indicate a preference for slow lovemaking.

And although there are some things that can significantly affect your behavior during a kiss, after all you have to learn to feel themselves to each other. Good lovers are still at the stage of the game lips reach their full contact and mutual understanding that allows them to get maximum pleasure from intimacy.


- Secondary woman "eats" for the year 2,5 tube of lipstick. Her regular sexual partner also gets dose of chemicals - kissing, it consumes 0.7 per year, a tube of lipstick.

- The longest kiss recorded in the Guinness Book of Records (1998), lasted 8.5 hours.

- Every year in Hollywood is recorded on film in 2500 with scenes of passionate kisses.

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