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It's time for couples: the three young families "in the section" - March 17, 2010

March 17 2010

Student's family, which we tell - are very different. But we love them not for it. Rather, because of their "attempt to consistency" - a kind of challenge to his own age, and countless temptations of the era of individualism, is not necessarily good, but it is always very important experience "samostoyaniya and older.

PARA number 1: the family, born due to bad manners and accommodation, Moscow

My friends Julie and Alex Pavlov's Rock 'n' roll - the people are very different. Julia was born in the capital of our Motherland. Even at school early to go to Russia hitchhike, hanging out on the Arbat and drink beer and vodka with the boys. Parents have long tried to reason with her daughter. Asked to think about life and behave yourself. However, their pleas were in vain. Tired of fighting, the parents kicked her out of the house. Do nothing, it was necessary to find a place to live, and Julie fit into the hostel Phystech.

Lesch, in contrast to Julia's house was a good boy from Nizhny Novgorod. With parents did not swear, he loved to play the guitar and wanted to go to cordially. And he entered, he moved to Moscow, he settled in a dormitory, where he met Julia. Then I will call Lesha Rock 'n' roll, as in another language does not turn to say, his so-called even at work.

Julia: I found under the stairs one Rock and Roll Anton. I searched Gopnik and threatened to shoot off head off a gas gun. I hid from them, howling white sturgeon, and thought that I did not find it.

She moved to live with Anton. Rock 'n' roll often came to visit.

Julia: Here began the most interesting - I Anton at night reading poetry Tsvetaeva of Rock 'n' roll. I will not say what, but it is proud.

Meanwhile, Anton and Rock-n-roll Julia wean from bad manners.

Rock 'n' roll: We were already adults. We were twenty and she was - 17.

Julia: I Rock 'n' roll wink. Looked for so openly, and he said: "Goodbye, goodbye ...

Rock 'n' roll: I was very educated!

Living in a dormitory could continue for a long time, but there Yulin parents traded apartment and bought her daughter a room in a communal apartment. It is the appearance of the room was a turning point in this story.

Julia: Added flat, and Rock 'n' roll guitar fetched here.

Thus began a life together future young families. Julia decided to study oriental languages and come to the Institute of Asian and African countries. Rock-n-roll student. In such a situation to get money even if the food was not easy.

Julia: I have played in moving a pipe. Rock 'n' roll to say that I do not need to do this. More than an hour was impossible to play the pipe.

Rock 'n' roll: I worked ekspidorom (freight forwarder). Delivers tea. Three times a week. Three hundred and fifty dollars a month worked.

Julia: Then we started buying meat products.

Marriage proposal was made as follows:

He: And maybe we get married?
She: Well, yeah. Maybe they get married. A FIG is it necessary?
He: Well, simple. Marry me.
She: No, a fig, not marry.
He: Why?
She: Yes, all this nonsense.

For a while Julia and capricious break.

Rock 'n' roll:We've got this idea that if we want to have a child, we should get married. We came to the registry office, and for the first time we refused to accept the statement because I did not have Moscow registration. The second time we asked them a written refusal. They did not. And, finally issued a statement demanding that I write a receipt, that at the time of marriage my registration.

Julia: In short, when, finally, filed a declaration in a registry office, is just bebika done.

Julia's parents gave the money for the wedding. And to this day very happy with our son in law.

Julie: Mom Rock 'n' roll was very afraid that due to the fact that her son was so smart, he would never marry.

Certainly, no wedding convoy was not. The groom took the suit from his younger brother, married a 3 weeks earlier. A bride bought a beige suit. Prior to the Wedding Palace on foot, good close.

Julia was admitted to the ISAA and has worked as an interpreter with the Hindi and Urdu, which does not interfere with her foster daughter, Sonya. Rock 'n' roll was arranged in a large computer company as a programmer. In summer the whole family travel vacation to the Black Sea in the company of nudists. Now they are planning to have another child, while not quite becoming "complacent zhenatikami", for what friends are very grateful.

Spouses are constantly arguing and cussing over and without. Only it's not the point. Julie believes her husband is very smart and talented man, and Rock 'n' roll knows he was lucky with this fun and crazy wife. And I sometimes think that maybe I'm the age of 27 have not married because they do not scold their parents, did not go hitchhiking and generally I had no Bourn YOUTH!

PARA number 2: the family well-traditionalist, Irkutsk

The conversation in the shuttle bus:

- What do you Th Sedna do?
- Three days of fiddling with a small and nearly hanged.
- It is Well you have more?
- It is something big, but not screaming in the small.
- I have them here in the market have seen recently. She just stared at me and looks as if I had her a hundred rubles to be from birth.
(Boy and girl talking about their children)

The university thought: to get married before graduation - collar and yoke. We enthusiastically argued with each other, that the institution of the family - a great ass, preached independence and joy of autonomous existence - though not for long, the course until the third or fourth, when with the same fervor began to acquire their own families. Half of married couples in Irkutsk - 18 to 24 years.

New families arise continually in the period from entrants to graduation practice and the development of their relationship jealously watching the entire course. And the ones they secretly envy the other - a cool finger to his temple, while others are completely indifferent as to something quite ordinary. Maybe the student's family - this is the norm?

In a small rented apartment on the outskirts of Irkutsk live student family: Anna, a student of 4 th year of the Journalism Department of ISU, Ignat, a student at 4-year Chemical and Metallurgical Department of Irkutsk State Technical University, and their son Daniel, five and a half months old. The house is warm and cozy. Most of the space is, of course, the kid: here and there caught his toys in the kitchen, washing machine hums, cracking down on the regular portion of the diaper.

- We are probably not very typical couple, - said Anne. - For all time students Ignat, even in a nightclub, it seems, have never been. And for me, always the first place was the family, and then - career, education ...

You met a freshman?

- No, not yet in school. Ignat was in eighth grade, I was - in the seventh. In Irkutsk Bratsk came from - and immediately began to live together. Not even thought about - the right way, wrong ... How things are. In the third year came, Daniel, and we got married.

- Parents cursed?

- There was joy! Not allow us to take a sabbatical, come during the session, for example. We are now at a lecture by one go, the teachers agree: someone was going to meet, and someone - of any kind. Needless to say, was to give birth to children, sitting at home now! These, however, a little bit. Classmates were treated as something different ... with respect.

- Something has changed in your relationship after marriage?

- Yes, it has changed. We have to out there may say, still a patriarchal society. And when I was unmarried ... a little embarrassed or something. Now, in the status of the wife, I have a very different feel.

- But the marriage also brings new challenges ...

- Yes. There are more requirements to each other. Whereas previously, for example, Ignat could say: "I'm going to friends and there zanochuyu", it is now impossible. Many difficulties were, when we combined budgets - each has their own idea about how to spend money, and now have to negotiate, plan. Especially because I now pay less attention Ignat, we have not chosen anywhere. But I think that family life - it is work. And we must overcome all these difficulties, pitfalls. Many of my fellow student experience that finding a normal guy is very difficult. And I've found Ignat, why should I lose it?

.... We drink tea with milk in the kitchen, play room with Daniel Ignat. I keep trying to formulate the final question of love - and I can not. Love is here - not in words. It is, as Anna and Ignat poluvzglyada to understand each other, as they potter with a toddler in the intonations and gestures, in the family albums and other details. Anya was right: if there is no common interests, if exhausted curiosity to each other, life goes on stupid route - work-home-resort-home-work-crematorium ...

A Ignat and Anya rush home every day, as on date. And dream, like go hiking with a child, I first show him Baikal, both together go back to his native Bratsk ... And I do not want to call their relationship cumbersome word "marriage." As in the past - is novel. Just very happy.

PARA № 3: Family in the genre of hard-physiological romance, Kiev

I call them silly names, because they are dear to me, and I'd hate to hurt them. Say - Bonnie and Clyde.

It was the most beautiful couple among my friends. They both liked to play in the friendship-love on ICQ and smskam, living in different capitals of different states. At some point he got tired of playing, and it came pre-haknuv her computer and read all the logs of her correspondence. He knew that she was, shall we say, is interested in male sex, but prefers exclusively female.

Clyde, this situation did not broken off: having fair exposure and skills for opening the content of external computers, he had a complete picture of how things are in love with the latter, the penultimate and the one that thinks that she will take the place of the latter.

Insanely beautiful day, then night, then night. They were strolling through the city smelled very early autumn, drinking coffee, holding hands. She scribbled me sms: «U menya blije 4em on druga nikogda ne bilo».He followed her home, but instead of going away, I decided to get up and give his daughter in the hands of parents. At the same time and get to know (and parents, we should say, can not wait to see, finally, a guy and not that which was usually)

ICQ message history. Clide: The door was opened by her father. Well somehow just so happened that we went with him into the kitchen to drink wine. Mom has her come. Smoked, cracked his about anything, I'm a little drunk and said: "I want you to ask the hand and heart of your daughter."

ICQ message history. Bonnie: I do not know where to fall from happy people wealthy man, and daddy, then mommy drag him to drink wine! And dopilis! Emboldened, and said Rodak mine, that he wants to marry me. Life changed abruptly for one weekend!

Young and beautiful Bonnie and Clyde were married last summer in the month of July, drowning in viscous bliss Kiev heat. For forty (sic!) days before the wedding Clyde wrote on his LJ a lot, just a lot of sensational: «31st May, 2004. 2:07 pm. Wedding. It remains to 40.5 days. For a guy who used to act dumb, and believe me, it's terribly much! Especially for a guy who and Learn something started purely for the sake of his girlfriend.

He really wanted to believe that all they succeed, as it should be in the tales of the young and beautiful. And that they shall die in one day. And the honeymoon - as it should be young and beautiful. Extreme, in the mountains, on a stormy river, in jeeps, in kayaking, so you ...
They lived together for six months.

ICQ message history. Bonnie: I think we have him come out. And every day, talking to herself: - "He is not so! He did not have a body! "

... Well, you know what they do in such cases, the smart people ... When the body requires its own - it needs to shut the work of his silence, izmochalit a perpetual dull fatigue. They opened their business - at an opportune moment helped her dad.

ICQ message history. Bonnie: My father yelled at me: "you both time to set up a company! Prepare a business plan, enough fooling around. " And away we go ...

ICQ message history. Clide: I gathered his friends, worked a bit flubbed a few cases ... Now? I have not seen her for two months ... I have to bubble her dad, but it will work, not my problem.

ICQ message history. Bonnie: Clyde? ... Listen (obscene language), this (obscene language), I told him: "Did you ever call on New Year's or something." I am here, and he in Moscow, cool, huh? Hubby ... Do you think he called?

... In fact, at this place was supposed to be the story with my other friends, they call them Felix and Maria. They - the same age. They have known each other for 19 years. They both came to Moscow from Tallinn. They have for several years now happy with each other in marriage, and they have a wonderful daughter, Barbara, with whom I often see them on weekends in a nearby park. But this story, and so you can see in any soap opera.

Alla Kravchenko


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