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How to find love online. Tips Experienced.

July 15 2005

In recent years, marriages are made not in heaven, and on the Internet. Young people are less and less faith in chance meetings and begin to actively seek their destiny in the network. Girls do not wait for the handsome prince, sighing wearily at the window, they choose other methods.

In fact, why wait and believe that "a man of your dreams" will come to you in the park or supermarket, if you can attack the most popular dating sites, placing them on your favorite photos and to extol himself in the best shape?

Beautiful, successful and single heroines of "Sex and the City" is no cause for malice. Subject search for "men of their dreams" is relevant not only for established beauties over 30. What do those who do not have time or make a career or get married, and, moreover, not so beautiful?

If in Moscow and St. Petersburg girls with model data in excess, the "gray mice" even more. Girls already with 15 years experience and are beginning to be afraid of my grandmother's tales about "old maids", if they do not have a permanent boyfriend, or army of fans. A girl for 20 years, tired of the disappointments and visits for one night, begin to think seriously about where is the unique and beloved.

Men, unfortunately, all povyvelis, said most of the fair sex. I myself began to notice that to look at pretty girls, but if you look stops at charming and stylish guy, so most likely he is gay. Guys, ay? Where do you live?

Where, where ... the Internet! You come - and here they are - to choose tired.

And the sexy blue-eyed blond, brown-eyed and languid macho, and a wealthy businessman and inflated Schwarzenegger, intellectuals, romantics, poets, bikers, rockers, Rn-Bishniki, tussovschiki, passionate lovers, faithful husbands ... virtual.

I, along with her friends decided to experiment and to check whether there are such young men, in reality, or under the photo cute lonely boy hiding old wily zhenatik.

Here are our general conclusions and developed methods of catching the groom in the network:
• Virtual novels also end in marriage . And I'm good example, though, with his loved ones I have met without a long virtual foreplay, and after a few sentences agreed to take a walk downtown.

The method of "take the bull by the horns": this method is good that you can see a live person in all its glory once, look at his behavior, talk to him in reality. Maximum of one hour will be clear about whether to continue a relationship with him. This method is good, so do not waste your time on correspondence with a man who when they first met you disappoint.

• Search for your favorite online sometimes so fascinating that you can already forget who you're looking here at all. My best friend Olka managed to go to three visits per week, then she is already confused them, what to say and write, and someone looks like.
The method of "quantity turns into quality": in the end become an expert on the classification of males and one appearance and the first words once you understand "the whole truth about the guy" to the extent that he would propose in 5 minutes, get-togethers in which rotates, which poses prefers in sex.

• virtual affair may well remain virtual. Katyusha two years corresponding with a young man, he falls asleep her declarations of love, she paints a future life together, but she had not seen him in reality.All that she has - is a favorite picture in its infancy and the sea of poetry and postcards.
The method of "virtual fairy tale" - live the reality, communicate with the real guys, the mysterious virtual lovers are not taken seriously, because your heart is broken for real.

• Very carefully read the questionnaire men when he wrote that he wanted the relationship to sex , and it assigns you a date, do not be offended that the first minutes it will start to discuss with you your sex addiction.
The method of "analyst" - to read carefully and immediately figure out what his motives and what he wants from girls.

• Do not believe the words and verses. Gracefully zapudrit brains can not everyone, but such expertise is lacking. A lot of guys are competing with your friends on the subject, on whom more than sink a girl. Many who are invited on several girls in the same place and time to be able to choose the the best.
Method "All our life - the game - do not take such castings to heart, try to do the same.

Internet - a useful thing to talk with interesting people and make new friends. Familiarity with the young man may not turn into a novel, but in his face you can find a good company or companion with the same interests.
Method "Do not have $ 100 and have 100 friends" - correspondence with different guys can bring you a new hobby, you'll learn many useful things for themselves and better able to understand the male psychology.
The main thing - it is to believe that your second half is somewhere wandering around the world and is also actively looking for you. Learn to not be disappointed, and extract the positive experience of any situation. Live life to the fullest, and the Internet has made his assistant.

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Константин Дятлов

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