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Chemistry and physiology of love - 15 January 2006

January 15 2006

State of prostration, unexplained euphoria - all clear signs of the disease called love.

Anthropology professor Helen Fisher suggests that love, from a scientific point of view, there are three stages: lust, romance, affection. In the first involving hormones such as testosterone. Romantic relationships are associated with chemical reactions in the brain, which can be described by the following phrase: "Direct and focus all their energy on one person." The third stage is associated with substance oxytocin produced by the pituitary gland.

Professor Cindy Hazan of Cornell University, also believes that when "love descends suddenly, the brain is observed rise of the concentration of three chemical elements: dopamine and feniltilamina okitotsina. During the monitoring of several thousand pairs of her we found out that the concentration of those substances reaches its maximum for 18 to 30 months. And after ... decreases. Love, from the chemical point of view, it becomes just a habit.

Namely oxytocin, according to Professor Gareth Lang, University of Edinburgh, causes women emotional attachment to sexual partners.

At the meeting of the British Association science at the University of Glasgow, he said: "If you put a male and female voles in a cage, but did not allow them to mate, they seem, there will be something like friendship. However, if you enter into the brain, oxytocin females, it is formed sexual affection. " Experiments showed that the later the female will likely opt for a male to whom she appeared affection than in favor of another, whom she remembers just as a friend. The substance may have a similar effect on humans, in addition, it participates in the formation of attachment between mother and child during childbirth and during breastfeeding.

But not all share a chemical point of view - two British biologists believe that love - this is a specific activity of the brain. Andreas Bartels and Zeki Shemer examined brain seventeen volunteers, who described his condition as "terribly mad love." During the experiment, they were shown photographs of their loved ones. In this case, all seventeen of lovers when they look at moving object is activated four areas of the brain, which remained at rest, if the photos were just friends or strangers. Two of these areas are located in parts of the brain, which can also be activated after reception of "laughing" tablets. Two others - in the region which is active when we get an emotional reward for our experiences.

By the way anesthesiologist Stuart Malloy from North Carolina, accidentally discovered that by using electrical stimulation of spinal cord can easily cause an orgasm in almost every human being. The doctor introduced electrodes into the spinal cord patient. Instead writhed in pain, as usually happens during the procedure, she moaned with pleasure and begged the doctor to teach and her husband ..

Scientists now know why the head appears as a libido and spreads from there throughout the body wave of passion: the set of neurotransmitters produce signals of love, which are rapidly reaching the loins. In the hypothalamus, neuroscientists have found seven sex centers. When they are activated, one experiences sexual arousal. Orgasm starts in the head. But stimulate its chemicals.

Currently farmlaboratoriyah tested drugs, interfering with the metabolism of neurotransmitters - serotonin and dopamine. Both these substances are considered to be the hormone of happiness.They transmit signals from neuron to neuron. In these letters - the passion and excitement. But not only. They also control the senses, memory and learning disabilities. It is therefore not surprising that when the drugs interfere with the structure of the hormones of happiness, sometimes surprising effects occur.

Perhaps the most famous example - the antidepressant Prozac (fluktin). It increases the amount of serotonin in the brain, which improves mood. However, up to 40 percent of Prozac users simultaneously lose interest in sex. Often only a fraction of a milligram decides to cause a biologically active substance in the body lift mood, sexual arousal, or vomiting.

Most clearly seen in those drugs, which are considered an alternative to Viagra. Apomorphine, for example. He is known pharmacologist almost a hundred years. In high doses, means acting on the vomiting center of the brain and is traditionally used for gastric emptying in case of poisoning.

But at low concentrations of apomorphine can give pleasure. Anyway, so manufacturers have assured Abbott and Takeda. Tablet should be put under the tongue, the biologically active substance through the oral mucosa gets into the bloodstream and from there to the brain - the hypothalamus. In it there are passions, instincts, and dirty thoughts. Apomorfmin activates dopaminergic metabolism and acts as an amplifier of erotic signals.

That is the theory. And what about in practice? Experiments on 500 men showed that after taking the pill apomorphine love every second attempt to act likewise with patchy. But patients in the control group who took a dummy drug, the percentage of success is not so bad: to have sexual intercourse resulted in every third attempt. Obviously, the mere fact you take the pill reduces the stress and fear of failure, due to this improved erections. Potency due to placebo. And hope that apomorphine will act the same way and the women were not justified at all. But Viagra was only the beginning ..... Although the usual kiss should not be discounted.

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