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Little things in life: a guide to women's habits of men

December 14 2005

It is known that women are kind to the little things that accompany everyday life of men. Scattered throughout socks nezavernutye caps on tubes of toothpaste, watching endless football matches have become the talk of the yazytsah. But it turns out that men, too, not unfeeling logs and also pay close attention to the variety of ladies' freaks.

Here is a list of the most annoying habits of men women.

Natural women's needs in abundance, which is manifested in how it can clutter up the bathroom all kinds of gels, shampoos, bath salts, washcloths in the form of roses, frogs and bunnies. Give the guy a piece of soap and a towel, and he will be satisfied.

Shopping with a girlfriend - a real test for tolerance for all men. The girl is able to re-measure all the pants are available in stock, each time asking for a satellite, it is enough if these pants look good on her.

Women are constantly in need of confirmation of male love. Since most men prefer not to dwell on their feelings, their girlfriends from time to time to determine in which direction the moving love the idea of partners. In this case they choose not entirely suitable for this moment. For example, immediately after sex. Or during the final match of the FIFA World Cup.

Nothing is more inspiring women as a prospect to warm your bed. They tossed, climb hug and almost choked in his arms. As a result, girlfriend wakes up as a cucumber, but you admire in the morning in the mirror of his red from lack of sleep eyes and puffy face

Women know what is available to men: Tears bring relief. On this relief sit down. Thus they enjoy the buoyant, so to appease women's tears, silly men are willing to go through all the circles of hell.

Women read "Cosmo". Passage of endless tests of oral sex, menstruation and masturbation brings many of them indescribable pleasure. Men from that usually feel sick.

Gay. Their tender love many women. Gays them closer and clearer than the average heterosexual. They can shoot the breeze about the clothes, nail polishes and gels for the bath.

Women need small but frequent confirmation of love. For example, sticky chocolate and brooms fading colors.

In any woman's life there comes a point when it begins to look for deeper meaning. Typically, this translates into an in-depth study of feng shui, or horoscopes.

Carrie Bradshaw. It looks like Sarah Jessica Parker's character is an idol of all women living in big cities. She's witty, cool and impeccably dressed. No woman somehow did not notice that, plus everything in her delusions of grandeur that she smokes like a chimney. A great example to follow.

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