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How to bring back the joy of sex? Come to the aid of optimism and imagination

November 14 2005

Looks like a long-standing dispute about the relationship between men and women come to an end. Professor John Manning (University of Central Lancashire) conducted an interesting study, that men have greater need for sex than women, and are "sexual optimists."

Internet survey participants were were 250 thousand men and women of the six ethnic groups from 170 countries. Each respondent answered 200 questions and performed a series of simple tests for personality traits and cognitive abilities.

The survey data also showed that many of the stereotypes of men and women are very deeply rooted and related to biological factors. In this case, the researchers found that about one-fifth of men - typically "female" brains, and about the same proportion of women - thinking, typical for men.

When men were asked how they think, they will have sexual partners in the next five years, the average figure in the responses was 3.4, while for women - 1.9. Men say that they are as romantic as women, just wanted to sleep with many partners.

By striking findings came Pat Sykes, professor of pedagogy, wrote an article in defense ties between students and teachers. In his study, she insists that expose students victims of seduction wrong.

Most often they initiate sexual relations. Pat Sykes suggests that each year between teachers and students is fastened around 1500 novels. Her article provoked anger in organizations for the protection of children who called her views "at best, eccentric."

Who knows, perhaps the impetus for writing this kind of scientific articles, is the problem, whose study conducted by Professor Patricia Koch of the State University of foam.

In her view women experiencing age-related problems in sexual life, owe it to their own reaction to the deteriorating image of the body.

The team of Professor Koch has studied 307 women, aged from 35 to 55 years, approximately 21% of which were in the premenopausal period, 63.6% were in the middle of menopause and 15.5% in postmenopausal women.

Approximately 22% of participants reported that they could not find anything attractive in itself and a feeling of complete frustration in his body. Of particular dislike is the state of the stomach, hips and legs.

Over 60% admitted that they want sex less than 10 years ago.

At the same time if they've yet to have sex, they experienced a high level of satisfaction, while 72% were fully satisfied, both physically and emotionally.

What should I revive its former fervor? On this, Professor Koh is silent, and yet the key is simple.

Women are prone to sexual fantasies, have a strong sexual desire and experience greater sexual satisfaction. The same representatives of the weaker sex, who indulge in sexual fantasies during arousal are more likely to experience an orgasm at the end of sexual intercourse.

Imagination helps women to enhance arousal. A woman can be in every sense of satisfaction with their man, but increases the power of fantasy orgasm and sensation of pleasure.

What they see men and women in their fantasies?

1.Men tend to present themselves with a large number of sexual partners simultaneously. In their fantasies they like to share their partners, while women in their fantasies largely remain with one partner, although there are exceptions.

2. Men in their fantasies focus on one particular kind of sexual activity or body parts. Women often find it difficult to expand their imagination "on the shelves." It just thrills without any details. Women's fantasies are almost always do without visualizing genital partner, and vice versa for men. Women focused on their emotional response to any action partner and willing to describe the feelings that caused them their fantasy.

3. A characteristic feature of women's fantasies is their romantic setting: an island, sea, forest, exotic flowers, waterfalls, moonlight, etc. Many women mentioned more freedom from any external stimuli in the form of telephone, etc.

4. Women often present themselves as passive participants intercourse. But this does not mean that women fantasize about how men are taking their power. In the women's fantasies, such a man must usually make an effort just to break the women's resistance and then to behave gently and sensually.

5. Women's fantasies are more emotional, they reflect a desire to be close to the faithful, caring partners. Men are more often seen in his fantasies sex with several women, with strangers who come and go.

6. Women have bisexual fantasies more often than men, as a sexual curiosity about the individuals of the same sex.

7. Women's fantasies rarely include any fetishes. If a woman very much wants new shoes, her imagination does not go into the sex, but limited fantasy about a hike in the store.

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