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Alternatives to sex for men

November 14 2005

But yesterday was a feeling of strength and opportunities, but today is not desirable. So, you're on the right track and soon all those objects you desire will be quite interesting. And we'll show some ways to while away the time with pleasure.

1. The food is delicious

It is that, without which there can live no self-respecting man, just a young man to touch a meal once, and not to anything, when there are many of the unknown. Dishes need to choose only those that you like, you can have two servings and if you want a very tasty and then for three or four, with the time you enter into the taste and the dose will be imperceptible to grow, and with it the amount of pleasure.


As a result, after such a lunch and dinner, closed his eyes themselves - the body has to cope with your delight. On women to look hard - tends to sleep.


Through time to replace the belt priydut suspenders, and pants will not fasten the waist, but somewhere in the "nude".

2. TV

Wonderful invention for those who have consistently adhered to the first paragraph. No erotic films and melodramas - they accentuate your attention to objects and can cause disruption. Better watch our reality: news, analytical programs - what causes the inflow of bile, but not testosterone.


Better go to sleep does not exist. By measuring the roar of analysts and announcers put the TV on a timer and indulge meditation.


You become politicized and nervous start to think about a career politician. Phone switches channels Distantsionka trying to call.

3. Internet

This is for the young zealots of faith, and advanced men, for whom television is something that is not manageable. With the Internet, you can manage on your own, but again, no eroticism, only political and economic news, as well as participate in discussions of any abstractions. You can write e-mails, you can also read them, especially the promotional mailing list - there will be many. So, for the rest - Time is running perilously low.


You informed of all developments, both at home and abroad. To you begin to seek friends for advice on the profitable stock investments, taking into account stock quotes.


Your awareness is beginning to scare you and to demand access to the outdoors. The thought of a career politician becomes obtrusive. You are flipping through a calendar, trying to find out when the next elections will take place at night and write the electoral program.

4. Reading

This activity is for the most conservative. It is time to remember the school days and mandatory program in literature. No innovation, just classic. Good to find the parents filing a thick literary journals for 70-80 years of last century, when the Party of erotica on the page would not let me, only in the classrooms. Authors better to choose from friendly nations north and east - the names of the characters, a description of life will stir your imagination and dream.


Reading coaches thought, the thought gives birth to ideas, ideas come to life. Scheme leads you into ecstasy, and you frantically start to implement it.


Reading lying - spoils vision, reading, sitting - uncomfortable.

5. Jobs

It's time to do so, on what in years gone by the time lacked - real work.With these later meetings, overnight stays in office and a number of interesting papers that need to read, interpret, draw conclusions and to execute as soon as possible. Subordinates, your enthusiastic zeal become an integral team and the top of the job ladder is at your feet.


Turns out to be a career - it's that simple.


Health begins to resemble that of its almost no glozhat thoughts about the late start.

6. Hunting

Good tool for the owner of Grandfather's shotgun and a couple days off per week. Implies a warm male company, spotted coat, army boots and a whole slew of good moments, and sometimes prey. Fresh ideas like air. Odor yushki, black bread and cold vodka stirs the mind and completely kills the memories of the end of this action. Women do not exist!


You are a member of the team and that's good. If you can not tyrannize the body by excessive doses of "war" drinks - he'll be grateful.


Be prepared for the costs or do not shoot at all. Morning in the bathroom
together with the shoes can detect unknown type game, which will need to do something. Hunt for three consecutive days can lead directly to the 10 paragraph article.

7. Fishing

A very good way for visionary individuals. The net reservoir, imported gear and wild-smelling bait is not necessary. The main thing silence and at least one float, swaying rhythmically among reed thickets. There and watch. Half an hour later the surrounding reality for you to cease to exist.


Issues of food are sometimes resolved during the process. Again, the same health benefits - fresh air and complacency guarantee a sound sleep and good spirits in the mornings.


A sudden downpour can ruin a good all fun and put you in a week in bed with a hot drink and a thermometer into the bargain. And if you do the result is important as a silver-tailed inhabitants of the depths - then it might not be.

8. Other hobbies

There are separate from the above ways, but sometimes may overlap. The main thing given to them with passion, using every spare moment. Interesting form - collecting. You can collect everything. Collecting anything more than two hundred pieces - you will find like-minded people, and then everything goes like clockwork. Will be changed to get rare, selling paired specimens, participated in the expedition. Open a museum. Women, thank God - it's not interesting.


Level of knowledge on the subject of your hobby grows in a cubic progression. You know everything. Number of collected material gives you confidence in the correctness of the chosen path.


Collect all possible. Your tediousness scared off not only women - are starting to disperse the men. Be friends with someone does not, you can only change.

9. Sports

Powerful means for the relatively youthful men. Number of endorphins - happiness hormones available in sports is comparable to the number after good sex. It is desirable to do so, what you dreamed in childhood and adolescence. Fine arts, tennis, bodybuilding. In an extreme case, Learn to bike or jogging.


That's good. Rejuvenates the body and the sport requires more and more.


Minus one - after regular classes on you start eyeing the ladies of all ages, and you are on them ... you already know the result.

10. Booze

The most crucial means for the most powerful men.You should begin three in good friendly company. Better with childhood friends. Vodka should take a good and much better to box stood in the pantry. Get real savings in time and money, the conversation will not be interrupted and you are in dispute, "who go" no quarrel. In the morning when a friend at hand or under the table no one will be, you can make friends in a nearby pub. Longer than before lunch, this friendship will not last, but that's enough. The main thing that you did feel the need to go home. If you feel the wrong time - home
will not be sent. The best day - the third, when his friends are no longer needed. Enough to drink to himself. The fourth day there.


The only plus - women drop out of the scheme as unnecessary.


No going back. The organism first sick, then adapts - then you are sick.
Disappointing conclusion - there is an alternative to sex, but their advantages in practice can lead you either on the hospital bed, or in politics - and then to a hospital bed, either immediately in a "boarding house" closed. And one of impotence you will not do.

It's up to you. Try ...

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