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Spermatozoa-killers or how to escape from the "horns"

September 14 2005

Already it is no secret that men - polygamous animals, and it is "invented" is not biology, not the creators of both traffic and Mother Nature. So this will not argue.

Scientifically proven that a woman can satisfy any man, even a eunuch. Therefore, sexual dissatisfaction is usually attributed to frigid ladies. However, ethologists studying the mating behavior of the human species, refute this setting.

Scientists argue that the fair sex arrange the selection of candidates for your body, so as not to dilute its unique genes than ... forgive anyone. The choice must be rich - the woman simply has to enjoy the greatest possible number of men.

But sooner or later the search for candidate for the role of father and husband stops - is more or less suitable candidate. For example, in an African tribe woman has the right to change her husband who was her "not satisfied". The husband in this case does not tear your hair out and throws lightning from his eyes. On the contrary - as they say, the two horns in favor. However, the open women's polygamy - the phenomenon is still unique.

To have spoken, but the weaker sex strives for quality, and this inherent nature. Then, like any male, according to the theory of ethology, must tend to frequent changes of partners, believing himself to support the unique genes. So the heroes-lovers there is a social and humanitarian mission.

According to the behavioral principle of separation of sexes suggests that small, the best of the male fertilizes the female and the other - bringing up other people's children. But the "other half" a prospect that clearly do not like, so that the long history of humanity men have invented various devices and techniques to keep their faithful from the betrayals and himself from the horns.

Do you know where went the phrase "to instruct the horns" and insulting "cuckold"?
It turns out that my husband woman, admitted to the body, "the king of France, granted the privilege of hunting in protected lands," the Crown of France. " In a sign of royal favor to the gates of the estate triumphantly nailing magnificent antlers. Originally - cuckold - husband is a permanent or temporary mistress of King, but then the word has increased.

So, not to become a cuckold, a man puts to the wives of the nurses and the eunuchs, are crammed into tall towers, wore chastity belt. However, these efforts pale in comparison to the unique natural biological mechanism for protection - the struggle of sperm.

This mechanism has opened a British scientist and anthropologist Deysmond Maurice. He is convinced that in the sperm-term partner were women (provided that the couple does not use barrier contraceptives) have special cells - sperm-killer who bdyat day and night, attacking each stranger and literally "biting" his head.

So the probability of getting pregnant by another man, judging by the opening of an inquisitive British, very small. By the way, the likelihood of infidelity in women is rising, reaching its peak during ovulation. D. Maurice investigated hundreds of clubs around the globe and led law: the closer to ovulation the girl, the shorter her skirt and deep neckline.

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