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Sex news: the 150-hour erection, miracle priborchik "set father" and the Immaculate Conception

September 13 2005

150-hour erections
In the Dominican Republic Ignacio Cabrera turned for help to the doctors, trying to appease their sexual arousal. Erection of poor is not held for more than six days.

Physicians Hospital Baez in the Dominican Villa Gonzalez region had to make 25-year-old man emergency surgery - the doctors feared that such a prolonged erection (150 hours!) End for the "patient" impotence.

Hospital director said that there are no stimulants Cabrera did not take. Doctors diagnosed - anemia, which is expressed by the persistent excitation. According to observations of sexologists, such cases have not been previously reported.

However, among sexually record has the fastest ability to excite: 37-year-old Englishman, Thomas Kinley famous instant erection, which occurs in it at any time at his command during 0.8 seconds and could disappear over the same period of time.

Miracle priborchik "set father"
In Italy, at the peak of sales was a new invention that allows you to quickly determine paternity. Vendors claim that in 99,9% cases, it guarantees the correct result.

The so-called "father set consists of two tampons, plastic bags and handbags. Swabs used to collect saliva child and alleged father. Tampons are placed in a plastic bag in her handbag, which must be sent to the manufacturer's instructions. Already the company sends an analysis of special laboratory in London, where, within 7 working days after receipt of the analysis of managers send in response to the client by mail.

Such a miracle priborchik costs just 700 euros, but believe me, it's worth it!

Immaculate Conception. Myth or is it reality?
In history it is known, only 16 cases of the Immaculate Conception, occurring in Africa and Europe. And only recently, scientists were able to unravel an ancient secret.

Doctors believe that these "divine miracles" to blame for the bacteria that normally reside in the body of insects. Biologists have long discovered that the animal world the virgin birth is not uncommon. So multiply by many invertebrates, and in some cases and in some species of birds and lizards. This saves the species from extinction.

A legal medical expert is well known that in stressful situations, the impact of high temperatures and other extreme situations, female egg can begin to share, even if not fertilized. As happens virgin birth?

Into an egg ready for fertilization, contains 23 chromosomes - the bearer of gender. During a "virgin birth" 23 female chromosomes, ripe for fertilization, are divided into two halves each, and in 1946 formed the egg necessary for the new life of chromosomes. After this, the egg can begin to disintegrate and the developing embryo, though exclusively female.

Doctors believe that bacteria in organisms, insects, may move into a person by stimulating the division of the egg and forming the nucleus. The bacterium destroys embryos male or turns them into women.

The most famous story of the immaculate conception occurred with a nun. She managed to get pregnant 20 years after the vow of chastity.

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