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Style Love - St. valentin `s day

February 13 2008

European holidays persistently infused into our daily lives. No exception, and Valentine's Day, do not notes that unless a very lazy. Although some of this holiday does not accept, others are waiting with bated breath, the third finally remember their second half and failed personal life, others - dissolving sentimental pink snot. How is the day of love - it's each individual, depending on gender, age and personal preferences.

Prior to the Valentine's day were almost daily, so we offer several options for how, where and with whom you can celebrate this day on the calendar is not red, and a declaration of love to get noticed the subject.

Classically. Attire: parade weekend.
Location: A cozy but luxurious restaurant with good food, excellent wine, subdued light and live music, classic course. In the middle of the evening is to invite the satellite into a waltz, order a bouquet of roses for a charming young lady, hold up to the door, get on one knee and declare his love.
The accompanying entourage: a solo violinist for the ladies hearts volentinka, written in verse, ink and quill pen.

Glamorous. Dress code: is it worth to get acquainted with the latest fashion trends, thoroughly studied the latest European magazines.
Location: the fashionable the better.
Necessary that around to gather as much bohemians and showbiz stars. Topics of conversation are not important. The main thing to at least mid-evening to remember with whom and for what you came here for. Gifts can be any nonsense, but always expensive and stylish. It is important to wake up the next morning in his apartment and know exactly how the name is lying next to a sleepy creature.
The accompanying entourage: all poisonous audaciously pink and sparkles.

Gothic. Attire: All black and purple colors. Make-up in the same spirit and for girls and boys. And certainly, black hair, and nails.
Place: an abandoned house, dilapidated or not the completed facilities.
If the two of us will be very much afraid, you can invite even some couples in love. To declare his love is silent, freezing their hearts in a whisper, and share their black hearts.
The accompanying entourage: a lot of candles and icons pentagram.

Rock 'n' roll. Attire: cowboy hats and jeans. To be more convincing to get at the flea market a couple of black leather jackets.
Location: Bar, where they play good old rock and roll. Should drink tequila with lime, and the whole evening dancing to the beat music. Possible options: a romantic walk on the field on horseback. To declare his love to be in a Tarantino-style: put a gun (can be fake, the main convincing) to the temple, with a cynical smile, say: "I love you, baby."
The accompanying entourage: a field, horses, a bar of American films, scuffle for a girlfriend with drunken bikers, lot of fun.

A child: Dress Code: light-hearted children. Bows for girls in pigtails welcome.
Location: Inviting a girl in an amusement park or circus. To treat cotton candy with lemonade, to give a moving bunch of violets with a homemade valentine and pull the pigtail. To this girl or an old briefcase banging on the head or blush from ear to ear, gently chmoknet cheek.The whole evening must walk gingerly holding hands, sometimes blush. Spend lady home must be strictly up to 22.00, and then boldly pull out beforehand stockpiled chalk, and write the words beneath the cherished loved one. What would be the entire staircase in the morning to learn that Sasha loves Masha.
The accompanying entourage: childish, regardless of actual age lovers.

Romantic: Dress: The less the better.
Location: Cosy apartment. Prepare a light dinner with pineapples in champagne and strawberries with cream for dessert. Hang tight windows and turn off all the phones in the house before the time off tomorrow from work / school. To the sound of slow music, dancing smoothly move to the bed and give each other the night of love.
The accompanying entourage: Thick curtains, scented candles, rose petals in the bathroom on the floor, on the bed.

Adventure: Dress Code: From deep sea diving suit riot gear to the climber.
Location: High in the mountains, deep underground, underwater, on the highway, taking part in street races, hanging on the insurance on the cornice of the ninth floor, opposite the window akkurat favorite girl with a bouquet in his teeth, and on climbing gym, at the skating rink, performing the four- coat for the first time in my life especially for the object of adoration. Imagination is unlimited, importantly, without threat to life.
The accompanying entourage: Song of the "Bravo": "Do you like girls just romantic, brave pilots and sailors ...".

Computer. Attire: home, comfortable.
Location: The World Wide Web. Send a valentine to the subject of love or tridemakse fleshanimatsii. The main thing to remember is that Masyanya and Bear is no longer in vogue. The whole evening protrepatsya on ICQ, telling where and how you'd like to meet and spend the evening, exchanging smiles and touching ssylochku pages devoted to love.
The accompanying entourage: the smoky room, a beer bottle, slippers, mouse, keyboard, monitor, processor.

Traditionally: Dress Code: It does not matter.
Location: The last row in the theater at the last session. The film must be a love theme with happy end `om. The whole session to sit hugging, touching treating each other popcorn. At the closing credits gently whisper in your ear a happy companion three cherished word. Then walk around the city in light of the lamps with a visit to the iconic places for lovers (bridges, lanes in the parks). Finals in the evening to be in the style of happy end.
The accompanying entourage: hearts, valentine, a gift to each other and a teddy bear in the patch.

Alena Dmitrieva


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